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Join us at #AntlersHotel #ColoradoSprings October 26-27 for two days of public speaking skills training and competition as 21 speakers vie for the Ultimate Speaker Prize: Inspirer, Storyteller, Expert
Gordon Brodecki founder of Garage Fitness Competes …

Dr. William Epps Jr. Showcases his book, “In Search Of: Old Testament-Solid Foundation” at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2021

In Search of Old Testament-Solid Foundation By William Epps

Available on Amazon

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We Make Stories Come To Life Through Self Publishing

We Make Stories Come To Life Through Self Publishing

Dr. William Epps Jr. Showcases his book, “In Search Of: Old Testament-Solid Foundation” at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2021.

Epps’ comparison of the Old Testament, and how this laid out the foundation to the modern-day Christian Faith, with The New Testament illuminates the power and perfect plan the Lord has for His people”

— Nova C. Of Mainspring Books

MESSE FRANKFURT, GERMANY, October 21, 2021 / — Book lovers around the globe can look forward to an eye-opening and spiritual-filled day as author, Dr. William Epps Jr. will exhibit his book, In Search Of: Old Testament-Solid Foundation during the 3rd edition of Frankfurter Buchmesse at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Displaying two views of both the old and new testament, Epps’ presents a theological book that enhances Christian education and biblical knowledge about Jesus Christ.

Bringing in enlightenment and solid biblical and theological foundation, the book sheds light on the essential messages contained within the Bible, helping Christians better understand its true basics and history. It primarily explores a variety of scriptural-related subjects, including the law and the covenant, a combination of law and Psalms, major and minor prophets, baptism, communion, evangelism, and the Baptist doctrine.

It also provides a further discussion about the historical accounts on the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Timothy, Titus and Revelations, showcasing how these scriptures connect in bringing messages of salvation.

Author Dr. William Epps Jr. is a licensed and ordained minister and a man of faith. After earning his Master’s degree in biblical studies and a Doctorate of Religious Education, Epps spent most of his life preaching and teaching God’s word to enhance Christian education and Biblical knowledge about Jesus Christ.

In Search Of: Old Testament-Solid Foundation is a 52-page book, available on Kindle, hardcover or paperback at Amazon, Barnes&Nobles and all leading bookstores. To get more real-time information about Dr. William Epps’ latest book release, event and news, visit his page at

You can also check out Dr. William Epps Jr’s book interview in BOTM (Book Of The Month) and This Week In America With Ric Bratton on YouTube.

In relation to the Frankfurt Book Fair, this year’s event will come together under the motto “Re:connect – Welcome Back to Frankfurt” with more than 1,500 exhibitors from more than

70 countries along with some 200 authors, who will once again gather at a marketplace for content and a celebration of books.

For more details about the 2021 Frankfurt Book Fair, visit

Title: In Search Of: Old Testament-Solid Foundation
Author: Dr. William Epps Jr.
Publisher: MainSpringBooks
ISBN: 978-1947352551
Genre: Religion
Reviewed by: Nova C. Of MainSpringBooks
Marketed by: MainspringBooks

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‘The Label Machine’ Launches As The Quintessential Read For Music Industry Aficionados

Cover of 'The Label Machine' book by Nick Sadler

Cover of ‘The Label Machine’ book by Nick Sadler

Author Nick Sadler

Author Nick Sadler

'The Label Machine' Books

‘The Label Machine’ Books

‘The Label Machine’ launches with detailed information and practical step-by-step instructions about the business of music.

With so many modern artists starting their own music labels, I wanted to write a practical guide that allows anyone to build a successful label to bring their music and talent to a worldwide audience.”

— Nick Sadler

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2021 / — Author and music industry veteran Nick Sadler is launching his book ‘The Label Machine: How to Start, Run and Grow Your Own Independent Music Label’ on October 1st. With “record label knowledge so vast he has literally written the book on it,” (Matt Ryan – Par Excellence Management), ‘The Label Machine’ is a quintessential read for any music industry aficionado giving detailed information about the business of music with practical step-by-step instructions for setting up and running an independent music label to successfully distributing and marketing music.

Somewhere between Tim Ferri’s ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ and Donald Passman’s ‘All You Need To Know About The Music Business’, Sadler has created ‘The Label Machine’ for the DIY musician/producer that wants to start their own record label or self-release their music. ‘The Label Machine’ provides a comprehensive understanding of the music industry, detailing everything from navigating tricky dos and don’ts, understanding music copyright in the UK and US, record label set-up, record releases, and royalty collection. It also provides in-depth guides on marketing, covering traditional PR, Facebook and Instagram advertising, Spotify playlisting, and fan growth, along with templates for contracts, marketing/promotion schedules, press releases, fan email automation, and more. By the end of the book, readers will not only be able to create multiple label revenue streams to create an established record label but also will be able to build their music business effortlessly, learning how to professionally market their music/artists, allowing them to reach thousands of fans.

Interested readers can purchase the book online and access additional resources at the website linked here:


About the Author:

Nick Sadler is originally from New Zealand, moving to the UK in 2005 to pursue a career in music. He produced, remixed, and toured as the artist Mobscene and co-founded Never Say Die Records, and Disciple Recordings, two of the most successful independent record labels in the rise of the modern electronic music movement. Nick has experienced all aspects of artist and label management, working with artists such as Skrillex, The Prototypes, Zomboy, Eptic, The Freestylers and Flux Pavilion, gaining valuable insight into building artists’ careers. Nick Sadler has also helped hundreds of artists and music entrepreneurs from all genres of music, start, run and grow their record labels through The Label Machine online platform. In addition to running and writing for ‘The Label Machine’, Nick also spends his time executive producing films for First Flights Media, managing emerging artists, and producing original music.


‘The Label Machine’ has already been well received by industry professionals with praise such as:
“It covers all areas of running a record label and is literally a one-stop shop on everything you need to know to run an independent record label.”

(Test Pressing)

“…good framework that doesn’t seem to be available anywhere else. It’s really useful, really positive.”

(Paul Twomey – Obliviate Records).

“Nick’s constant source of advice and knowledge gave us the backbone on which we run our label; he knows his stuff!”

(The Prototypes – Get Hype Records)

“Nick’s breadth of knowledge of the music industry has been invaluable to me over the years, especially while navigating the business aspects of the industry. He totally takes the headache out of distributing, marketing, and selling music.”

(Molly Beanland – former artist on Island Records).

“This is a great resource, and it has a lot of information that is compiled into one place that’s easy to find”

(Roy Lindsey – Dapr Music)

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Recovery Coach Dr. Bob Weathers to be Featured on Close Up Radio

NEWPORT COAST, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2021 / — The stereotypical image of people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs as down and out does not always apply. Sometimes the problems are beneath the surface and behind closed doors.

Dr. Bob Weathers is a recovery coach who understands addiction from the inside.

Prior to becoming a recovery coach, Dr. Weathers was a highly regarded professor of psychology. Unfortunately, he would eventually descend into increasing, mid-life addiction to alcohol and other drugs over a period of 15 years, finally losing his tenured academic position.

“It was devastating because I felt so called to be a teacher,” says Dr. Weathers. “In hindsight, I can see it was the result of a combination of failed relationships, unworked-through trauma from early development, and even my daughter’s growing up and leaving home. The irony is that I was the Golden Boy. I’d never even smoked a cigarette until I was 40.”

One would think having lost everything of value would get his attention, but Dr. Weathers’ addiction only got worse. When he finally awoke from this bad dream, he realized he needed to change radically, and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Dr Weathers gradually got his life back.

“People have different destinies,” says Dr. Weathers. “It seems I just had to endure some extremely painful learning lessons to be able to get to where I am today.”

Upon his recovery, Dr. Weathers wondered if there might be a way he could apply his clinical background in psychology to help others recover from addictions of any kind and at any time of life, young or old.

Today, Dr. Weathers is a recovery coach and addiction educator who works with professionals of all stripes. Many of these clients are successful lawyers, doctors, and business executives: people who no one would never expect to be struggling with addiction.

“For the clients that I work with, their addictive behavior has been going on completely in the shadows. They’re ashamed of it, secretive about it, and they don’t get help because of that.” says Dr. Weathers. “Shame is public enemy number one in terms of mental health. If a person doesn’t conquer shame, they won’t make forward progress in their recovery. I work with clients to navigate the shame of their addiction with self-compassion.”

Close Up Radio will feature Dr. Bob Weathers in an interview with Jim Masters on October 25th and November 1st at 12pm EDT

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

For more information, visit

His newly released book, Reflections for Three: A Father, His Daughter, and You (co-authored with his daughter, Amanda) is now available in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon

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Bed & Breakfast association launches “Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights” Blog with recipes, packages and activities

Packages and Specials are included on the updated Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights Blog

Packages and Specials are included on the updated Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights Blog

Taste tested recipes and cookbook ordering information are also included on the Blog posts

Taste tested recipes and cookbook ordering information are also included on the Blog posts

Blog posts can also feature options for sightseeing excursions

Blog posts can also feature options for sightseeing excursions

The “Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights” Blog includes packages offered by member inns, activities and events on things to do and see in Colorado.

Reviewing website page blogs like “Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights” is that a blog can offer more current, detailed and unique information that may not be found elsewhere on standard websites.”

— Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2021 / — Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado (BBIC), the statewide bed and breakfast association, recently updated its website and has expanded the travel blog associated with the organization, “Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights”. The travel blog includes up-to-date packages and specials offered by member inns, activities and events on things to do and see in Colorado while staying at a local bed and breakfast inn.

Recent Inns of Colorado blog posts include bed and breakfast getaway packages and discounts, B&B cookbook order information, and Colorado wine country tours, among others. in addition to the comprehensive website, the “Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights” Blog provides current tidbits of travel information that can be helpful in planning a B&B stay.

In the article “How to Use Travel Blogs to Plan Your Trip – Supplement your trip planning by reading travel blogs that can offer unbiased opinions, photo galleries, and detailed information” on, writer Chris Gray Faust discusses the benefits of using blogs in vacation planning. Faust writes, “If you’re looking to add some diversity to your travel surfing, here are some ways that blogs can help with trip planning: Read more details and see more photos. With no space limits, blogs have room to provide practical tips and photos that might not fit in a typical newspaper or magazine travel story.”

BBIC encourages guests to use blog posts and enewsletter subscriptions, in addition to standard website information, when compiling, researching and planning trip itineraries. The benefit of reviewing website page blogs like the BBIC association’s “Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights” is that a blog can offer more current, detailed and unique information that may not be found elsewhere on standard websites.

*About BBIC: Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado association’s website lists B&B members throughout the state of Colorado, blog, activities and attractions, Inns For Sale and ENewsletter/free statewide bed and breakfast brochure sign up form at

Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers CO
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