Riti Grover Shares How Using Gale Engage Can Increase The Efficiency Of Your Public Library

Riti Grover Farmington Hills

Library Director Riti Grover

Library Director Riti Grover shares how using Gale Engage can help your public library adapt to changes in technology and run efficiently.

FARMINGTON HILLS, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Libraries are a great place for seeking knowledge, learning, doing research, and improving academically, socially, and so on. Public Libraries have to constantly evolve, according to Riti Grover, especially with our constantly evolving communities with varying desires and needs. Luckily, data gathering and analyzing tools are available for library directors and management to implement for effective engagement with library patrons.

One of such tools is Gale Engage, a powerful data processing tool explicitly created to help increase efficiency in any public library. Gale engage is designed for effective library management, marketing, and data analysis. It offers visualization features that make it easy for library staff to figure out what their users need, changing trends in library usage at the local level, and the best way to provide services to their patrons. The tool can help inspire library staff to be more creative and increase their customer engagement and service. With this, library teams can now focus their attention on the community and their essential needs.

Many library communities and institutions use Gale Engage to increase engagement and efficiency, and a great example is Riti Grover, former director at Farmington (Mich.) Community Library. Riti is famous for her innovative, inspiring, and creative approach to improving library engagement and offering library users the best experience. Since implementing Gale Engage in the libraries under her management, they have gained a tool to analyze the collection usage and program attendance data. This tool can now help them get books, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, DVDs, databases, and programs according to their patron’s needs. They could also market their services to potential users. It’s not easy to fully comprehend how Gale Engage works, but Riti Grover was aware of the work ahead of her right from the beginning. With her determination and consistency, she ensured that her staff had a complete understanding of the tools and could feed the available data into it to produce a result they could effectively use.

Riti Grover and the Farmington (Mich.) Community Library has trained a team to upload, assess, analyze, and interpret the data with Gale Engage. With every day of use, their efficiency and capability are growing. Thanks to this life-changing technology, the library community can now better respond to the requests and needs of patrons.

There are several reasons why Gale Engage is a must for any library community that wants to meet the demands of modern-day library users. The tool is ever ready to accept and analyze data, as long as the library management is prepared to upload it. Collection usage of digital content like eBooks, streaming services, and databases is provided to help library management understand how users engage with their platforms. The usage patterns can then be studied and analyzed to understand users’ needs and predict their subsequent expectations.

Gale Engage tools provide a fully immersive experience that helps libraries ultimately view their community demographics to create the perfect marketing outreach. It has a customizable dashboard with visualization capabilities that allow library staff to understand everything going on at a glance. The dashboard makes it super easy to analyze reports properly to make informed decisions that further increase engagement. Based on activities, the platform automatically groups patrons to allow for effective program outreach.

Email is a powerful tool for target-marketing new products and services, informing, educating, and inspiring library cardholders. The email features on Gale Engage are game-changing, helping to improve digital marketing for libraries. It also has social media management tools to engage library users and help other people discover innovative resources for other prospective library patrons by taking advantage of the power of social media. All information on Gale Engage is private and secured, with a guarantee of protecting the user’s data and identification.

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Center for Responsive Schools Offers Anti-Bullying Resources During National Bullying Prevention Month

Webinars, books and more are available to support educators
Educating all children is the most important work in the world, and schools should be safe, inclusive spaces free from bullying. At CRS, we actively work to put those beliefs into practice….

Solutions to Our Failing U.S Educational System: Confessions of a Retired Principal – The Issues no one would listen to

Are New Gadgets The Educational Solution? No

Solutions to Our Failing U.S Educational System: Confessions of a Retired Principal. The Issues Superintendents wouldn’t listen to.

When are we going to realize that the next generation of students are learners who are dying to think outside of the box to create the newest idea or gadget?”

— Anton Anthony Ed.S

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — By Anton Anthony Ed.S – I have heard this my entire educational career in a room full of; you would think, the smartest educational minds in the country. How do we improve our educational system? Although there would be different solutions, they all would be tied to and comparing, pouring more money into an endless pit. Let’s get better computers. Let’s buy new Smartboards. How about let’s buy new busses. No, let’s buy new textbooks and change the curriculum. As I sat in rooms with the Ph. D’S and the E.D.’s of the world, you would think they would understand the problem, and its common sense, but as my friends would tell me, “Common sense ain’t common as you would think” even in a room full of educational leaders. Over my career in education, I would share my common-sense ideas, and leaders would snarl and say things like, no, that’s not good enough, or it should cost more, and if it doesn’t cost, that means it’s not good enough. Some would ask, “Well, who is piloting this program?”

Hundreds of years of failing educational systems, and no one seems to recognize we still have kids doing the exact same thing as the 1920s. One teacher and 30 students are in desks in rows trying to learn information after the 6th grade, which they will probably never use in the real world. The difference today is that they all have IPADs and phones instead of textbooks. Is that it?!? When are we going to realize all students are individuals and all have different God-given skills and gifts? When are we going to realize that the next generation of students are learners who are dying to think outside of the box to create the newest idea or gadget? Why are we not interested in discovering what God-given gifts and talents our students are blessed with and why are we not teaching them to sharpen them?

As a principal, I saw too many talented students labeled as Special Education Students because they couldn’t pass a test and learned differently. I have had students identified as SLD and MOID being able to take a phone apart and put it back together better than engineers at Apple. I have had students with the same classification draw graphics and cartoons, and characters that looked better than the real-life person or places they were drawing. Yes, the majority of states have tried to develop something called an ILP, which stands for Individual Learning Plans, in which they are taking some of the students’ interests and forcing them into careers and pathways that similarly fit. But what if students are much more creative than the field teachers and counselors are forcing them into (which They Are)? Why are we not allowing our students to be creative to teach us instead of forcing them into careers that may dissipate before they graduate high school, let alone college?

For over a hundred years, we have created a bunch of test-takers, and these tests have held back so many more talented students from an incredible future. Most of those students are students of poverty like most of the ones I taught and was the principal of. The solution to educational reform is not money and not ILP’s either; one small solution is ILIP. ILIP stands for Individual Learning Interest Plans that won’t be started in middle school but will be started when a child enters the school setting at 5. The difference between ILP and ILIP is that an ILP only focuses on trying to fit the student into a box to figure out what program to feed you into. Individual Learning Interest Plans would follow the student as they grow. The difference with an ILIP is that not only does it track the students’ interest, but also student motivation as well. If teachers were allowed to view a student’s ILIP each year, you would know the children in your class before you meet them. An ILIP isn’t and wouldn’t be just test scores; it would be all the students’ likes and dislikes. From favorite foods to favorite careers and actors. From what makes them happy, sad, angry, and excited. The ILIP wouldn’t just cover what career the student is interested in; it would also cover the social-emotional aspect of the child as well. Students don’t learn from people they don’t connect with, and they don’t care if it is their favorite subject. Providing teachers and educators with a student ILIP makes educating the whole student easier than trying to learn a child as you meet them when they walk through your classroom door.

Covid forced educational facilities to become flexible and to implement some type of online learning, and I watched how students slipped further and further and widened an already lengthy gap. It was difficult to watch students enroll in online classes with teachers of some who didn’t know the student they were trying to teach, and half of them already didn’t care. How much easier would it have been if teachers had been equipped with the student’s interests and how they learned before teaching them. I watched teachers struggle the entire year trying to break the ice with students repeatedly. The answers are more than money; when are we going to learn the students we teach and allow them to be creative and use the God-given gifts they have to create the next fortune 100 company instead of following a path that’s already drying up. ILIP would be the beginning of transforming and improving education in the US into the new millennium. This article is only the tip of the iceberg. If you are interested in a deeper understanding and more, please contact us at AASteamAcademy@gmail.com

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Founderology: The Ultimate Employee Guide

Kathleen Wood

Celebrate National Boss Day by Finally Understanding the Distinction between a Manager and a Founder, says “Founderology” Author
This is the first book written for Employees to thrive and succeed working with any leadershi…

Artist Dick Kramer & Gray Water Ops release a 15 coin commemorative series of coins.

Artist Dick Kramer and Gray Water Ops® release a 15 coin series of his top works of art

Pre-Order one of the Dick Kramer 15 coin series featuring his top 15 works of art

Gray Water Ops, LLC Custom coins, lapel pins and patches

Gray Water Ops, LLC Custom coins, lapel pins and patches

Artist Dick Kramer at the board drawing

Artist Dick Kramer at the board drawing

15 coin series from artist Dick Kramer and Gray Water Ops

15 coin series from artist Dick Kramer and Gray Water Ops

Gray Water Ops and Dick Kramer release a 15 coin collection of challenge coins based on his top 15 works of art. Order at https://GrayWaterOps.com/dickkramer

I’m proud to have the opportunity to work with one of my lifetime favorite artists, Dick Kramer. His pencil portraits inspired me to cross train from Air Force Security Police to Graphic Arts.”

— Keith Hanshw

HARRISBURG, PA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Veteran Owned Gray Water Ops®, LLC and artist Dick Kramer Studios are teaming up to release a 15 coin commemorative series featuring artist Dick Kramer’s top 15 pieces of art. Dick Kramer is known worldwide for his photographic looking pencil and colored pencil portraits for the SWAT, Special Operations, Police, Fire and Military organizations.

Challenge Coin artist Keith Hanshaw said, “I’m proud to have the opportunity to work with one of my lifetime favorite artists, Dick Kramer. His pencil portraits inspired me to cross train from Air Force Security Police to Graphic Arts and in 1997, I went to military art school and graduated as an honor grad.”

Gray Water® is the only challenge coins company that Dick Kramer has allowed to reproduce his art.

You can see Dick Kramer’s website, commission a piece of art or order custom prints or originals from https://www.dickkramer.com

Gray Water Ops®Dick Kramer Series – A Collection of 15 challenge coins featuring artist Dick Kramer’s top 15 works of art

Each coin is die struck from solid brass and plated with any of our 15 finishes. You can pre-order any of the coins at https://GrayWaterOps.com/dickkramer Coins will begin shipping around the middle of November.

Order one coin from your favorite design or order the entire collection of 15 coins. Each coin is laser engraved on the thin edge of the coin with a unique number.

Gray Water Ops® has been designing and minting custom challenge coins for military units, police departments, fire departments, businesses and organizations since 2009.

Known worldwide for our custom challenge coin designs, high quality and fair prices, Gray Water Ops® can design and mint your custom challenge coins and we’ll give you free artwork and free shipping on your first order, if you start an order before the end of the month.

Gray Water Ops® artist Keith Hanshaw is an honor grad from the Defense Information School at Fort Meade, MD. He has been designing custom challenge coins since 1995. One of the veteran owners of Gray Water® and the designer for every coin Gray Water Ops® makes, Keith makes each coin design unique from others.

“There’s nothing worse than having a coin minted and making it look like 50 other coins you’ve already seen. I try to make every coin I design, have it’s own unique look and feel. A custom challenge coin should reflect the organization you’re making the coin for. The Dick Kramer series features his 15 most popular pieces of art and we’re recreating it in a series of coins” says Gray Water® co-owner Keith Hanshaw.

About Dick Kramer
I was born in 1938 in the city of Newark, New Jersey. The early years of my life were spent in the small New Jersey town of Nutley. I was never a good student, I spent too much time drawing. It caused a lot of trouble for me and my family during my school years. I was constantly in trouble for not doing my work. I was too busy drawing.

I left High School on my 17th birthday and joined the Navy. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I realized the terrible mistake I had made with my life and finished my education in the Navy.

After four years I was honorably discharged and returned to Nutley where I asked Ginny, the love of my life, to marry me. Thank God, she said yes. We have been married for 52 years and she is still my girlfriend. I am a blessed man.

I began my art education at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art in Newark, New Jersey. I transferred to The School of Visual Arts in New York City and finished my art education there. After working for a chain store doing pen and ink illustrations for their advertising publications, I decided to free-lance. We had $78.00 in the bank, four kids and I quit my full time job. Ginny always believed in me even though it was a terrible time as far as money was concerned. She never complained or told me to get a real job; my father-in-law told me that. Ginny has always been behind me, no matter what was happening.

I then spent 8 years as Art Director for ITT Avionics Division, a defense contractor. I found out that I wasn’t meant to be in the “Corporate World” and went back to free-lancing. We moved to Florida, spent 8 years there and that’s where my entire life changed.

I met John Meyer. At that time he was the head of H&K Training Division. He approached me about doing a few drawings for a poster advertising their training facility in Sterling, Virginia. I said yes and produced seven vignette drawings for the poster. It was a series of SWAT Officers doing what they do so well. I didn’t think much of it. The check cleared and I forgot about H&K. When the poster was distributed world wide, the receptionist at H&K threatened to quit. The telephone lines lit up with SWAT Officers from around the world wanting to know who was doing these drawings and how could they get copies. That was the beginning of our fabulous life. We literally started at our kitchen table. I produced four sketches, the first of hundreds and hundreds to come. The rest is history. Ginny and I have been all over the world, from England to Germany to Abudabi and Dubai and all over our wonderful U.S.A. God has blessed us with a wonderful life filled with good friends in the SWAT Community and Corporate World. Half of our business is from our on-line sales of prints and half is from Corporate Commissions.

I never tire of drawing, especially the SWAT/Military world. Ginny and I admire and pray for all of the fabulous people we meet in our business. They are the brightest, bravest and best that our Nation has to offer. Our hearts break when a Police Officer or young Warrior dies in battle. We are all poorer for the loss of such wonderful young men and women. I feel honored to be so close to them and what they do. Every day they place their lives on the line so that we can enjoy the lives and freedoms we have. God bless each and every one of them and their families.

People ask when I will retire or stop drawing. I reply that I want to die at the drawing board. I love what I do and can’t imagine life without my art. I hope God will grant me many more years of drawing the people that Ginny and I love so much.

To start your own custom coin order, visit https://GrayWaterOps.com and submit a quote request for your coin idea. Our minimum order is 100 coins but you can order any quantity over 100.

Price discounts are at 300, 500, and 1,000 quantity levels

If you’re interested in seeing videos of many of the coins we make or videos from our factory, showing coins in production, follow us on TikTok at https://TikTok.com/@graywaterops

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Storybook App Helps Children and Parents Sleep Better Without Screen Time

A mom using Storybook App with her child before sleep time.

Storybook App helps parents make their kids wind down and sleep better

A mom using Storybook App with her child before starting bedtime routine

Storybook App its used by over 1.5 million parents in the world.

Francisco Cornejo and Daniela Vega. Founders of Storybook App

Francisco Cornejo and Daniela Vega. Founders of Storybook App

The World’s Only App to Combine Infant Massage Techniques and Bedtime Stories Helps Parents Gain Personal Connection While Improving Children Sleep

The Storybook App is off to a great start, surpassing the traction of popular apps like Calm and Headspace in their first years.”

— Francisco Cornejo

MIAMI, FL, USA, October 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Over a million children from ages zero to twelve and their parents have experienced the benefits of Storybook App. This specially designed app is the world’s only software app to combine infant massage techniques and bedtime storytelling to help children fall to sleep.

Storybook App utilizes infant massage, reflexology and relaxation techniques together with a collection of more than fifty different stories which are updated each month. The app also has a custom-profile feature, adapting its program according to the needs and preference of each child. Aside from bedtime stories, Storybook also lullabies kids to sleep with specially selected songs.

The Storybook app was founded by its CEO, Francisco Cornejo, and its CCO, Daniela Vega. As mother of two boys herself, Daniela came up with the idea of the app after discovering how massage and storytelling significantly improved her relationship with her children.

Several years ago, Daniela faced a profound personal struggle when her family, her husband and two children, decided to move to Australia. With her spouse heavily preoccupied with work and studying and having no friends and family to get support from, she felt unable to do her role as a mother and suffered depression.

Looking to learn new skills to stimulate her mind, Daniela then found help through the practice of infant massage therapy. She is an accredited Child Therapist under the support of the Massage Association of Australia. Through this new avenue, Daniela found that she was able to re-establish connection with her children and felt closer to them.

“It’s not about attention, it’s about connection,” explains Daniela.

Aside from the physical connection, the young mom knew that she also needed to dialogue with her children. At first, she tried to do storytelling while applying the massage at the same time. When multitasking proved to be difficult, it was when Daniela developed the idea of turning their bonding moment into an app. Through Storybook, Daniela aims to help other mothers too.

The effectiveness of the app is well attested to by its numerous users worldwide. Presently, Storybook App is being used by more than one million people in over sixty different countries.

“The Storybook App is off to a great start, surpassing the traction of popular apps like Calm and Headspace in their first years,” according to the Storybook App team.

Storybook App’s statistics show that 80% of children sleep better with the help of their app. The benefits are not only for the young ones but are apparent to parents too. Among its users, 89% attain better connection with their kids.

Many parents find Storybook App to be very helpful especially in today’s digital age wherein more and more children are becoming screen-dependent. The app uses technology to connect people, not isolate them from each other.

Aside from its emotional benefits, Storybook also aids in physical wellness. Use of the app stimulates the respiratory system as well as the digestive system, eliminating abdominal pain and gassiness. Massage therapy is also a proven way of reducing muscle pains without the use of drugs and can even improve children’s motor system. Moreover, the Storybook App promotes deep sleep and reduces the occasion of nightmares in children.

The Storybook App is supported by a number of recognized organizations including the Family Sleep Institute and the Kids Safe Seal Program.

The app is available on both iOS and Android in Spanish, English and Portuguese languages. More information about Storybook App can be found at https://storybook-app.com/.

Francisco Cornejo
Storybook App
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Trust Building Is A Key Strategy To Promote Mental Health and Wellness at Work

Be a champion of wellness at work

Helping Employees Learn The Trust Factor That Aligns Spiritual Wellness To High Performance Is A Key Teaching At The Upcoming Global Workplace Wellness Summit
Helping Employees Learn The Trust Factor That Aligns Spir…

Prayangshu Biswas Hritwick – Youngest Musician From Bangladesh

With ICT Minister Of Bangladesh

Know Everything Abour Prayangshu Biswas Hritwick – Youngest Musician From Bangladesh

DUNWOODY, GEORGIA, USA, October 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Prayangshu Biswas Hritwick Is A Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Full Stack Web Developer, Programmer & Entrepreneur. He Was Born And Brought Up On February 2 In Magura, Bangladesh. Since Childhood, He Had To Keep An Interest In Trying To Do Something Special. He Started His Musical Career In 2019 By Releasing His First Track, EDM Downtemp. After Some Days, He Released His First Music Album, ” BrainDance ” On Different Music Platforms Like Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, JioSaavan, Wynk, And Many Other International Platforms Deezer, Tidal, And Napster. Prayangshu Biswas’s Music Has Distributed Worldwide. He Has Already Verified As (OAC) YouTube Official Artist Channel & Largest Music Platform on Spotify. He Also Do Many Collab With Many Musical Artists. He Is Also Signed With VEVO.


Prayangshu Biswas Hritwick Born In 2004 In Magura, Khulna, Bangladesh. He Specializes In Programming, Web Development, Animation Creation, Music Production, Music Remixing. He Left Competitive Programming In 2020 to Work Towards The Development.

As Programmer

In 2018, He Became 6th In The National Children And Young Programming Competition in Bangladesh. He Is A Former Participant & Nationalist In NHSPC & Cyber Champ. Prayangshu Biswas Is Working As Lead Developer & Founder At OraclePii Innovations. In 2021, OraclePii Innovations Was On The List Of Top 200 Startups Created By Students In Bangladesh. OraclePii Is A Company Focused On Solving Technical Problems, And They Have A Team Of Brilliant Software Developers, Website Developer, Digital Marketers, And Designers.

As Musician

In 2020, He Released His First Music Track On Major Music Streaming Platforms. “EDM DownTemp” Was The Name Of His First Music. For Some Reason, In 2021, He Deleted It From The Distribution Platform. He Released His First Album In 2021 Named “BraiDance” As Respectively BrainDancE DubStep, FlyAway, Juice, RideX, BraiNDanCE, WaveTrap, TrappED, WavE, Synth Trap. He Said He Is Working On His New Album, “TheReyy”. The Album Will Have A Total Of 20 Songs And May Be Accompanied By Sajibur Rahman and Imtiaz. He Has Previously Worked With Sajibur Rahman On A Song Called “69 Warriors”. He Is Also Known To Have Helped Yeamin Adib And Imtiaz In Their Previous Songs, Although The Song Did Not Give Collaborators Credits.

As Entrepreneur

Together With His Together friend, He Started A Startup Called Dot (Discovery & Teens) In 2019, And They Got An Award For Having His Startup In The Top 75 Startups Of Bangladesh. He Worked With An Organization Called Magura Volunteers In 2019. He Is CO Founder Of SkillNation Bangladesh. Is The First eLearning Platform In Bangladesh Where We Can Make You A Hero Starting From 0 for Free! SkillNation Bangladesh Is A Freemium Learning Platform And A Platform For New Freelancers And Entrepreneurs. They Offer Free And Paid Courses By Their Experienced Mentors. Also, In Their Group, They Give Many Tricks, Premium Accounts For Free. They Offer Legal Services, Web Development Services! SkillNation Bangladesh’s Journey Started In 2020, Intending To Move Forward With All Of You. They Are In Favor Of Bangladesh To Fulfill The Dream Of Digital Bangladesh With All Of You! Skillnation Bangladesh Also Launched Their Many Projects Like Skillnation Bangladesh Shop, SkillHUB, And Many More. Prayangshu Biswas, Rajen Sikder Raj, Rahul Majumder Is Working As CO-Founder In SkillNation Bangladesh. Skillnation Bangladesh Also Launched Many Projects Like Skillnation Bangladesh Shop, SkillHUB, And Many More. He Also Thanked The Other Contributors Of SkillNation Bangladesh For Helping To Build A Beautiful Community. He Is A Former Founder Of SNBD Host . He Also Founded His Label Named Nemesis To Cruises A.K.A NemesisToCruisesRecords.


In 2018, He Became 6th In The National Children And Young Programming Competition in Bangladesh. He Got An Award For Having His Startup In The Top 75 Startups Of Bangladesh In 2019. He Is A Former Participant & Nationalist In NHSPC & Cyber Champ. His Startup (OraclePii Innovations) In 2021 Was On The List Of Top 200 Startups Created By Students.

Harold M Campbell
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