Poetry That Soothes the Soul

Between Seams, a new poetry book by Author and Poet K.D. Gates

Between Seams, a new poetry book by Author and Poet K.D. Gates

Between Seams, a new poetry book by Author and Poet K.D. Gates

A Tribute to Expressive Voices

Read some poetry this week. It’ll soothe your soul.”

— Oprah Winfrey

OCALA, FL, USA, October 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — “It’ll soothe your soul” were Oprah’s exact words when she referenced how vital the art of poetry is when it comes to nourishing the soul. And, she’s not the only one savoring the expressive yet delicate art of poetry; other aesthetes agree, including K.D. Gates, poet, and author of Between Seams, her newest poetry collection. Why? Because poetry, as unique as each star, is curated to align life’s path. And, like stars, poetry books of all kinds are lighting the pathways for lost souls.

Like a match to an unlit candle, expressive poetry isn’t complex or confusing; it’s bold and life-changing. How? Well, imagine her daunting moment of rejection; imagine how alone she felt. At that moment, she felt as though no one else in the world understood her pain. Later, after reading a book like Between Seams, she realizes that like herself, her quiet neighbor next door, the GYN she sees yearly, and the lady at the Starbucks counter have all had the same experience. Now, she doesn’t feel so alone, and her once closed, hurting heart becomes an open avenue toward healing. That’s the life-changing difference of express poetry.

According to Gates, “Healing doesn’t just happen; you read it.”

You see, “healing doesn’t just happen; you read it” is a wise phrase to live by. And, women struggling with painful memories of love, lust, abuse, rejection, and self-sabotage agree. In other words, unlike long forms of literature and novels, express poetry, also known by some as real-life or relatable poetry, helps align mental pathways, aka open seams. And, instead of sitting and grieving moments, readers quickly began identifying painful pieces, connecting scattered dots, and mending their unhealed hearts.

Uniquely, when referencing the healing art of express poetry— simple, honest, impactful, Oprah said it best again when she stated, “Just a few seemingly simple phrases perfectly express what we need to know just then, in that moment.”

So, poetry, as stated, is no longer a dying art form; it’s a dead soul’s highway toward healing, a solution for good mental health, and an out-of-the-box approach to healing, living, and laughing through life’s everyday struggles. Because, as individuals, life seems different on the inside.

About K.D. Gates:
K.D. Gates is a poet, author, mother, and visionary. Writing and reading poetry since childhood, she found a sense of relief, a place to escape the pain of abuse, trauma, and fear. Reading titles by poetry greats helped K.D., craft her rebellious style of writing. Now, the bestselling author of The Good Poet, she brings you Between Seams, a vibrant collection of expressive poetry that touches on love, lust, life, fear, joy, and hope.

Please visit www.kdgates.com for more information.

Winfrey, O. (2021, April 18). Oprah Celebrates National Poetry Month. Oprah Daily. https://www.oprahdaily.com/entertainment/books/a36120398/oprah-national-poetry-month/

K.D. Gates
Author and Poet K.D. Gates
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Why Making a Difference Begins With “I Have An Idea”

Author Beverly Kievman Copen


Beverly Kievman Copen’s Mission To Inspire You To Want To Move Forward With Your Life

I love this book! It inspired me to take a look at my own life, and it gave me the tools, energy and the new ideas I need to live my life with more purpose, more passion and more joy. ”

— Linda Carson- WWSB-TV, ABC

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, October 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Beverly Kievman Copen has been inspiring people for decades through her work as a glass ceiling shattering entrepreneur, an internationally in-demand motivational speaker, renowned photographer and acclaimed author.

Beverly asks a lot of questions and listens to the answers. She loves helping people find solutions, clarify their values, set goals, and develop plans to make things happen. She has been invited to speak in many countries and understands the importance of learning their culture. Her newest book, IT’S YOUR LIFE, ISN’T IT?, offers life tools to deal with changes and difficult times.

IT’S YOUR LIFE, ISN’T IT? tells a most remarkable story. Copen lived in Japan for 3 years. A year later, after she conducted a seminar in Tokyo, Japan, a young Japanese woman came up to her and said “I like the way you think. Would you be interested in writing a book for the Japanese market with our publisher?” Copen said YES. It took more than a year to work with Diamond Publishers to think through the theme and content. She wrote it in English, and it was published in Japan 2000, in Japanese with the title, “IT’S YOUR LIFE, ISN’T IT”. During the recent long months in the global pandemic, Copen re-discovered the manuscript on her computer and made a commitment to revise it to become a “global” book. Her aim was that it can reach, and help, women and men in many countries.

The book paints a picture of how to look at your past, analyze your present, and re-imagine your future. Whatever your age, it provides a way to assess your desires, your strengths, and weaknesses and to put them into a framework that will help you construct a more fulfilling lifestyle throughout your life. The theme is based on how to manage change – especially when it is outside of your control. Copen openly discusses her successes as well as her mistakes, and the lessons learned from those achievements and the errors. Copen states, “we need to understand and deal with the New Normal for our lives.”

Beverly Kievman Copen’s book IT’S YOUR LIFE, ISN’T IT?, is available on Kindle at Amazon or in print at Lulu.com.

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Storybook App Helps Children and Parents Sleep Better Without Screen Time

A mom using Storybook App with her child before sleep time.

Storybook App helps parents make their kids wind down and sleep better

A mom using Storybook App with her child before starting bedtime routine

Storybook App its used by over 1.5 million parents in the world.

Francisco Cornejo and Daniela Vega. Founders of Storybook App

Francisco Cornejo and Daniela Vega. Founders of Storybook App

The World’s Only App to Combine Infant Massage Techniques and Bedtime Stories Helps Parents Gain Personal Connection While Improving Children Sleep

The Storybook App is off to a great start, surpassing the traction of popular apps like Calm and Headspace in their first years.”

— Francisco Cornejo

MIAMI, FL, USA, October 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Over a million children from ages zero to twelve and their parents have experienced the benefits of Storybook App. This specially designed app is the world’s only software app to combine infant massage techniques and bedtime storytelling to help children fall to sleep.

Storybook App utilizes infant massage, reflexology and relaxation techniques together with a collection of more than fifty different stories which are updated each month. The app also has a custom-profile feature, adapting its program according to the needs and preference of each child. Aside from bedtime stories, Storybook also lullabies kids to sleep with specially selected songs.

The Storybook app was founded by its CEO, Francisco Cornejo, and its CCO, Daniela Vega. As mother of two boys herself, Daniela came up with the idea of the app after discovering how massage and storytelling significantly improved her relationship with her children.

Several years ago, Daniela faced a profound personal struggle when her family, her husband and two children, decided to move to Australia. With her spouse heavily preoccupied with work and studying and having no friends and family to get support from, she felt unable to do her role as a mother and suffered depression.

Looking to learn new skills to stimulate her mind, Daniela then found help through the practice of infant massage therapy. She is an accredited Child Therapist under the support of the Massage Association of Australia. Through this new avenue, Daniela found that she was able to re-establish connection with her children and felt closer to them.

“It’s not about attention, it’s about connection,” explains Daniela.

Aside from the physical connection, the young mom knew that she also needed to dialogue with her children. At first, she tried to do storytelling while applying the massage at the same time. When multitasking proved to be difficult, it was when Daniela developed the idea of turning their bonding moment into an app. Through Storybook, Daniela aims to help other mothers too.

The effectiveness of the app is well attested to by its numerous users worldwide. Presently, Storybook App is being used by more than one million people in over sixty different countries.

“The Storybook App is off to a great start, surpassing the traction of popular apps like Calm and Headspace in their first years,” according to the Storybook App team.

Storybook App’s statistics show that 80% of children sleep better with the help of their app. The benefits are not only for the young ones but are apparent to parents too. Among its users, 89% attain better connection with their kids.

Many parents find Storybook App to be very helpful especially in today’s digital age wherein more and more children are becoming screen-dependent. The app uses technology to connect people, not isolate them from each other.

Aside from its emotional benefits, Storybook also aids in physical wellness. Use of the app stimulates the respiratory system as well as the digestive system, eliminating abdominal pain and gassiness. Massage therapy is also a proven way of reducing muscle pains without the use of drugs and can even improve children’s motor system. Moreover, the Storybook App promotes deep sleep and reduces the occasion of nightmares in children.

The Storybook App is supported by a number of recognized organizations including the Family Sleep Institute and the Kids Safe Seal Program.

The app is available on both iOS and Android in Spanish, English and Portuguese languages. More information about Storybook App can be found at https://storybook-app.com/.

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‘Eggstraordinary’ Story Awaits Youngsters on Your Holiday Shopping List

This is a photo of children's book author CK Gregory.

Children’s Book Author CK Gregory

This is a photo of the cover of Mr. SunnySide: Imagination.

Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination shares the story of a delicate egg who enters Tommy’s life as a play friend and turns Tommy’s mood from blue to “eggcellent!”

Just in time for holiday shopping comes Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination, a charming children’s tale that shows youngsters the limitless power of their imaginations.

The world can seem, at times, scrambled. I hope my egg friends will set good ‘eggsamples’ for the readers and help children stay on the Sunnyside.”

— Author CK Gregory

EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — An active imagination is something worth celebrating, and a new book from CK Gregory, Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination, shows young audiences that there is an “eggciting” alternative to screen time: the power of their own minds.

Written for ages 5 to 10, Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination introduces young readers to Tommy, a boy stuck at home on a rainy day. There is nothing to do; his mother is busy making breakfast; and Tommy has grown bored with his toys. What will he do to entertain himself?

An “eggstraordinary” character named Mr. Sunnyside comes to Tommy’s rescue and saves him from boredom by taking Tommy on one adventure after another. Tommy is the only person who can see Mr. Sunnyside, and he’s the only one who needs to, in this charming story that gives new meaning to the power of an active imagination.

With clever wordplay, colorful illustrations and subtle lessons, Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination shares the story of a delicate egg who enters Tommy’s life as a play friend and turns Tommy’s mood from blue to “eggcellent!”

Author CK Gregory worked in many areas of theater and the media, both in front and behind the scenes. Now, he is embarking on a new career as a children’s author. Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination is his first book in a series of “eggstra” adventures to come!

“The world can seem, at times, scrambled,” Gregory said. “I hope my egg friends will set good ‘eggsamples’ for the readers and help children stay on the Sunnyside.”

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Co-Author Laura Tapia Talks About “Take the Driver’s Seat” In New Book Extraordinary Latinas

Extraordinary Latinas Book Cover

Laura Tapia

New book elevates the voice of 12 Extraordinary Latinas who through resilience, courage & action have opened the way for other Latinas to rise.

It’s not always easy, but you have to plan the time for the things that are important. ”

— Laura Tapia

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, October 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Laura Tapia is an independent board member who serves on several boards, a successful marketing advisor who has been named by CNN’s Expansion amongst Mexico’s most powerful women, and has also been recognized as a Leading Woman by Advertising Age, a global editorial authority in marketing. She had a very successful corporate career and is now a thriving entrepreneur. She has a powerful voice as a woman in environments where women are not present or have limited presence and is always looking for ways to open the doors for other women to follow.

Change, it’s something not everyone is comfortable with, but something Laura sees as the only sure thing in our lives. She credits learning most of what she knows in marketing by “doing”. Through her vivacious nature and keen ability to network, she was able to be recognized as one of Mexico’s most powerful women.

Her purpose has always been to leave a legacy behind in each of the companies she’s worked for. One of her passions is to create something sustainable beyond the time she’s at a company. She’s been able to do so because of her experience and creativity in helping marketers do better marketing. “My purpose is to leave a legacy in the companies that I work for, to create capability, to leave something sustainable beyond the period that I work for that company. That includes the boards where I sit, the companies that I consult, the nonprofits where I volunteer.”

Laura approaches everything with intention and tunes in with herself. Using the power of meditation, she connects her goals to her values every morning. She credits yoga and mediation to her ability to deeply connect with what she wants to do and further define that.

She’s not scared to ask for advice or help when she needs it. It can be intimidating at the start, but she says you’ll quickly find that there are not many people who will say no to offering you advice. During her career, she faced many closed doors and ‘nos’, but that didn’t stop her. She surrounded herself with the right people, the right advice, and the right mentors, which helped her reach the success she’s achieved today. “Again and again, I’d come up against naysayers, but I just stayed focused on my objective and relentlessly focused my energy on finding the way to do it. As a result, I have achieved most of the things I set out to do.”

Read more about Laura’s journey in the powerful new book Extraordinary Latinas: Powerful Voices of Resilience, Courage & Empowerment at https://extraordinarylatinas.com, by Ilhiana Rojas Saldana, the Author, Transformation Strategy Coach, and Hispanic Advocate passionate about helping women elevate their voice and thrive. The book highlights 12 Extraordinary Latinas who, through their courage, resilience, and action, have driven positive impact and opened the way for other Latinas and women to rise.

To contact Laura and learn more about her, visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauratapianavarro/

About Extraordinary Latinas
Extraordinary Latinas aim to inspire and empower. Through the collection of personal experiences from 12 extraordinary Latinas, we hope to provide the encouragement, grit, and power to stand up and elevate the reader’s voice to achieve whatever they put their mind to.
To know they are not alone. Whether they feel like the only one in their circle, community, company, or industry, they can find in Extraordinary Latinas a group of powerful women that have gone through similar experiences and will help them step up, and find their voice through power, presence, and representation to make an impact in their personal and professional life.

About Ilhiana Rojas Saldana
Ilhiana is an Executive & Career Transformation Strategy Coach, a Diversity & Inclusion Catalyst, a Hispanic advocate, a Bestselling Author, and an International Motivational Speaker. Her mission is to enable professionals to reach their extraordinary selves through meaningful transformation. After 20 years of executive experience leading and coaching professionals teams and businesses into success for notable Fortune 500 companies in both Mexico and US headquarters, Ilhiana founded her company BeLIVE Coaching and Consulting to help women of color uncover their unique purpose, elevate their voice, and expand their potential to create the life they dream to live. To learn more about Ilhiana visit www.belivecoach.com/about

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Paul Rushworth-Brown’s Novel Skulduggery Brings 17th Century Yorkshire to Life

"We all know how famous the Bronte sisters are but I am sure Paul Rushworth-Brown – the 21st-century author ­– might soon be joining these literary giants.” John Fletcher Ackroyd-Haworth, Yorkshire

“We all know how famous the Bronte sisters are but I am sure Paul Rushworth-Brown – the 21st-century author ­– might soon be joining these literary giants.”

A fascinating and wonderful example of historical fiction and the old-time romance and whodunit really added to the story. Thoroughly researched, it is written in such a way that puts you in the time and place."

The novel has already earned acclaim, with one reviewer describing it as “masterful and thoroughly enjoyable.

Rushworth-Brown describes the times in a realistic and provocative way and holds nothing back about the hardships faced by the people living there at the time. The love story, mystery and characters were truly wonderful.

The story is full of colourful characters, beautiful backdrops and compelling action.

Step Back in time in this Historically Accurate Mysterious, Romantic, Whodunnit. The style of writing is very descriptive and actually places you in the story.

There were a number of things that people absolutely loved about your book. One was it was historically accurate and the other was that it was very real.”

— Beth Worsdell

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Witty Writers Show-Interview with Paul Rushworth-Brown Author of Skulduggery and Soon to be Released Red Winter Journey

Paul’s Bio:
Paul Rushworth-Brown was born in Maidstone, Kent, England in 1962. He spent time in a foster home in Manchester before emigrating to Canada with his mother in 1972. He spent his teenage years living and going to school in Toronto, Ontario where he also played professional soccer in the Canadian National Soccer League. In 1982, he emigrated to Australia to spend time with his father, Jimmy Brown who had moved there from Yorkshire in the mid-fifties.

Paul was educated at Charles Sturt University in New South Wales, Australia. He became a writer in 2015 when he embarked on a six-month project to produce a written family history for his children, Rachael, Christopher, and Hayley.

Beth: “I’m really excited to be interviewing you Paul because oh my gosh you’ve had a journey personally and as a writer which I find absolutely fascinating. I just want to give people a bit of a rough idea because you write historical fiction. But you got into it by researching your own family.
So let’s just go back and find what actually sparked your interest and why you began diving into your family history and then you going on to writing your first novel.”

Paul: “My father never knew much about his roots and where he came from. The only thing he knew was that he had some cousins and distant relatives who lived around Denholme (Yorkshire, UK). When he passed away, I got a lot of his old photographs and that type of thing. For me personally, it was quite annoying not having any idea about where your roots were from. I spent about six months locked away in my office basically just writing a 400 page family history more for my children more than anybody.”

Paul: “I only got five copies printed one of each of my kids[…] My great grandfather x 10 was a copyholder on the moors of Yorkshire in 1590. I thought who was this man? What was his life like? Who were his children? What was his day to day life? I thought I might take this a step further and try and fictionalize and research what life may have been like for him back then. I actually found a court manor roll with his name on it. I even know the area of Haworth where his house was and what his life may have been like as a copyholder. I mean we’re almost talking about going back to the feudal system. And that’s basically the birth of Skulduggery albeit with a good fictionalized story interwoven with a few twists and turns that surprise until the very end.”

Beth: So tell us about Skulduggery, is it about your family? Based on your family? How did it all come about?

Paul: Well, there’s a little bit of poetic licence there. Obviously, the main character Thomas Rushworth is based on my great grandfather x10. The story is fictionalized. What I’ve done is I’ve have taken the setting of a family living on the moors of Yorkshire in the 17th century and I’ve fictionalized it, but it’s very very historically accurate. If follows his and his family’s life back then in the time of the English Reformation, Queen Bess has died. These people are living through a time when the monarchy is saying no you cannot be a Catholic, you must be a Protestant. There is a love story, between two people that probably shouldn’t be together because of their religion. I’m not going to say too much more because I don’t want to spoil it.

The story really takes off when Thomas Rushworth and his mother are coming back from the Kings Arms which is the tavern in Haworth. His father has died from consumption so he is actually the man of the house. […] On the way back to their cottage they find what they think is a dead body.

Beth: Oh my gosh!

Paul: It turns out to be a recusant Catholic man. Anyway, they take him home and look after him. It turns into a bit of a mystery, a bit of a love story, a whodunnit, you know. What happened to this guy? […] It’s very very colourful. My style of writing is very descriptive and it’s been picked up by Shawline publishing and released. Which I’m very very pleased about. It’s now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at most good book distributors around the world. It’s quite interesting seeing your book for sale in Germany.

Beth: I’m not surprised I was reading your reviews earlier and there were a number of things that people absolutely loved about your book. One was the fact that as you said it was historically accurate and you can tell that you’ve done so much research. And one of the other things was that it was very real. […] Just absolutely amazing.

Listen to the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z-AYrxx5Ss

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