I Won’t Starve Business Expo

In collaboration with the “Summerville for Congress” campaign, J Haleem Washington hosts a book signing event and business expo.
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2021 / — J Haleem Washi…

Christoff J. Weihman’s Ultimate Speaker Competition Comes to Colorado Springs

Join us at #AntlersHotel #ColoradoSprings October 26-27 for two days of public speaking skills training and competition as 21 speakers vie for the Ultimate Speaker Prize: Inspirer, Storyteller, Expert
Gordon Brodecki founder of Garage Fitness Competes …

Frankfurt Book Fair – “Family Business” by J. J. Fauser is the most innovative Thriller Book 2021

“Family Business” by J. J. Fauser is recognized as the most innovative thriller 2021

“Family Business”, the first thriller written by aspiring author J. J. Fauser is already recognized as the most innovative thriller 2021.
A grounded narrative of mode…

SALES TALES: The Hustle, Humor, and Lessons From a Life in Sales

SALES TALES:The Hustle, Humor, and Lessons from a Life in Sales
Author Mandi Graziano
Mandi Graziano at work.

Mandi Graziano used to think “sales” was a dirty word. Then she made a living out of it and realized we all need sales in every aspect of our…

US Made products never get STUCK on Cargo Ships, a St. Louis Coloring Book Publishers GIANT Holiday Coloring Book Sale

Holiday coloring books

Holiday Coloring Books are a huge hit for retail and consumer direct.

Wholesale coloring books.

Retail coloring books at wholesale prices.

Csutom coloring books. makes custom books for thousand of companies.

Retailers, small shops, schools, consumers nationally are ordering coloring book products from St. Louis, MO publisher, exporting books now!

Surrounded by a pandemic, imports stuck in cargo ships, American business, consumers are reconnecting with US made products. Retail shops, families are ordering more coloring books than in decades.”

— Wayne Bell, Publisher

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA, October 19, 2021 / — St. Louis based book publisher Wayne Bell sees a colorful lining in all things, as he published his first book in 1981 when he was a kid. Forty years later Bell has published hundred of titles, sold many millions of copies and in at least 36 languages. He has shipped products, books to over 90 countries around the world. His company has published about every conceivable topic, for every political party, school systems, national fundraising agencies, 501C3’s, musicians, individuals, stores, retailers and the list goes on and on. Topics off the table that Bell will never publish for are; extremists groups or simply, “inappropriate or mean people” as he put it. Coloring Books are a huge hit with families, great wholesome quality in home entertainment.

During this pandemic, with hundred of ships, millions of containers and a complete shortage of numerous products, Bell’s coloring book company is working overtime. Their company is filling orders to thousands of mom and pop shops in North America, major retailers, schools, churches, businesses, industry promo shops and direct to consumer homes like never before. People find his company at He has increased the product line to greeting cards, place-mats, hard back books, biographies, downtown maps, notebooks, school supplies and products for anyone that needs an ink and paper product. Says Bell, “When I made my first coloring book 40 years ago, I was not thinking of a career, much less even starting a company. The internet was not even created yet and selling books was truly, albeit successful, a door to door adventure.

The publishing companies various educational books range in size from 5.5 x 8.5 inches, to 8.5 x 11 and larger like 11 x 17 sized, up to 17 wide and 22 inches tall. All manufactured in St. Louis, MO. The books retail from 1.99 to 8.99 and cover about every conceivable topic. Through fun activities like matching, nice coloring pages all reviewed and approved by educators, with QR codes and more, the interactive coloring books are both entertaining and educational. His approach to publishing is like teaching, the company captures the imagination, the creativity of small children, students, even parents and grandparents. It helps them become excited to learn about the many topics. Approved by teachers and educators, the line of coloring and activity books are great gifts for families, consumer, school, student or classroom.

Get a copy for your family, group, school or a student today!
For more information visit , email or call 314-695-5757.

N. Wayne Bell
Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.
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Solutions to Our Failing U.S Educational System: Confessions of a Retired Principal – The Issues no one would listen to

Are New Gadgets The Educational Solution? No

Solutions to Our Failing U.S Educational System: Confessions of a Retired Principal. The Issues Superintendents wouldn’t listen to.

When are we going to realize that the next generation of students are learners who are dying to think outside of the box to create the newest idea or gadget?”

— Anton Anthony Ed.S

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2021 / — By Anton Anthony Ed.S – I have heard this my entire educational career in a room full of; you would think, the smartest educational minds in the country. How do we improve our educational system? Although there would be different solutions, they all would be tied to and comparing, pouring more money into an endless pit. Let’s get better computers. Let’s buy new Smartboards. How about let’s buy new busses. No, let’s buy new textbooks and change the curriculum. As I sat in rooms with the Ph. D’S and the E.D.’s of the world, you would think they would understand the problem, and its common sense, but as my friends would tell me, “Common sense ain’t common as you would think” even in a room full of educational leaders. Over my career in education, I would share my common-sense ideas, and leaders would snarl and say things like, no, that’s not good enough, or it should cost more, and if it doesn’t cost, that means it’s not good enough. Some would ask, “Well, who is piloting this program?”

Hundreds of years of failing educational systems, and no one seems to recognize we still have kids doing the exact same thing as the 1920s. One teacher and 30 students are in desks in rows trying to learn information after the 6th grade, which they will probably never use in the real world. The difference today is that they all have IPADs and phones instead of textbooks. Is that it?!? When are we going to realize all students are individuals and all have different God-given skills and gifts? When are we going to realize that the next generation of students are learners who are dying to think outside of the box to create the newest idea or gadget? Why are we not interested in discovering what God-given gifts and talents our students are blessed with and why are we not teaching them to sharpen them?

As a principal, I saw too many talented students labeled as Special Education Students because they couldn’t pass a test and learned differently. I have had students identified as SLD and MOID being able to take a phone apart and put it back together better than engineers at Apple. I have had students with the same classification draw graphics and cartoons, and characters that looked better than the real-life person or places they were drawing. Yes, the majority of states have tried to develop something called an ILP, which stands for Individual Learning Plans, in which they are taking some of the students’ interests and forcing them into careers and pathways that similarly fit. But what if students are much more creative than the field teachers and counselors are forcing them into (which They Are)? Why are we not allowing our students to be creative to teach us instead of forcing them into careers that may dissipate before they graduate high school, let alone college?

For over a hundred years, we have created a bunch of test-takers, and these tests have held back so many more talented students from an incredible future. Most of those students are students of poverty like most of the ones I taught and was the principal of. The solution to educational reform is not money and not ILP’s either; one small solution is ILIP. ILIP stands for Individual Learning Interest Plans that won’t be started in middle school but will be started when a child enters the school setting at 5. The difference between ILP and ILIP is that an ILP only focuses on trying to fit the student into a box to figure out what program to feed you into. Individual Learning Interest Plans would follow the student as they grow. The difference with an ILIP is that not only does it track the students’ interest, but also student motivation as well. If teachers were allowed to view a student’s ILIP each year, you would know the children in your class before you meet them. An ILIP isn’t and wouldn’t be just test scores; it would be all the students’ likes and dislikes. From favorite foods to favorite careers and actors. From what makes them happy, sad, angry, and excited. The ILIP wouldn’t just cover what career the student is interested in; it would also cover the social-emotional aspect of the child as well. Students don’t learn from people they don’t connect with, and they don’t care if it is their favorite subject. Providing teachers and educators with a student ILIP makes educating the whole student easier than trying to learn a child as you meet them when they walk through your classroom door.

Covid forced educational facilities to become flexible and to implement some type of online learning, and I watched how students slipped further and further and widened an already lengthy gap. It was difficult to watch students enroll in online classes with teachers of some who didn’t know the student they were trying to teach, and half of them already didn’t care. How much easier would it have been if teachers had been equipped with the student’s interests and how they learned before teaching them. I watched teachers struggle the entire year trying to break the ice with students repeatedly. The answers are more than money; when are we going to learn the students we teach and allow them to be creative and use the God-given gifts they have to create the next fortune 100 company instead of following a path that’s already drying up. ILIP would be the beginning of transforming and improving education in the US into the new millennium. This article is only the tip of the iceberg. If you are interested in a deeper understanding and more, please contact us at

Anton Anthony Ed.S
AA Steam & Entrepreneurship Academy
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Bed and Breakfast Cookbook special pricing features recipes from Colorado’s best B&Bs

The cookbook features simple and delicious breakfast and brunch recipes

The cookbook features simple and delicious breakfast and brunch recipes

More than ever, families are eating in and looking for new ideas for make at home recipes

More than ever, families are eating in and looking for new ideas for make at home recipes

The cookbook's recipes have been innkeeper and guest taste tested

The cookbook’s recipes have been innkeeper and guest taste tested

More families have become accustomed to preparing recipes at home and cookbooks like “Colorado Culinary Inn-Spirations” offer stay-at-home cooking options.

With a focus on the traditional breakfast service provided by our members, our association announced an all-inclusive price for the association’s cookbook with recipes that guests can make at home.”

— Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 / — Bed and breakfasts are known for providing a complimentary breakfast to guests. According to Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado, the statewide association of B&Bs, “The Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado (BBIC) organization requires member B&B properties to include breakfast in an overnight stay as a condition of membership. With a focus on the traditional breakfast service provided by our members, our association recently announced a special all-inclusive price for the association’s cookbook with recipes that guests can make at home.”

Over the last year, more families have become accustomed to preparing recipes at home. That’s why, now more than ever, cookbooks like BBIC’s “Colorado Culinary Inn-Spirations” and online blog recipes have become an important source of stay-at-home cooking options. In the March 16, 2021 article, “One Year Later: How the Pandemic Changed Home Cooking“, Mary Claire Lagroue from writes, “As shopping and food storage habits changed, so did cooking. With more people eating at home, trends emerged around budget-conscious cooking, easiness, and comfort food.”

Now in its fourth edition, the Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado cookbook features breakfast and brunch recipes ranging from family traditions to inn specialties. Cookbook examples include Easy Spring Frittata, Rocky Mountain Rocky Road, Bacon Cheese Quiche and Pear Coffee Cake. The recipes in the cookbook are simple make at home recipes with a gourmet flair and are kitchen and taste-tested by both Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado member innkeepers and by inn guests. The “Colorado Culinary Inn-Spirations“ cookbook is now available for purchase at a special price of $15 which includes U.S. shipping and handling.

In addition to the cookbook option, Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado’s online blog also includes digital recipes from member inns, travel tips and inn updates. The mobile-friendly association website includes official and direct website links, photos and property details to each member bed and breakfast in Colorado. A free online bed and breakfast membership directory, easy ENewsletter sign up, and general visitor information to statewide attractions and activities, and B&B membership application form are also accessible through the website.

To order the “Colorado Culinary Inn-Spirations” cookbook which includes a complimentary Colorado B&B State Guide:

Send check for $15.00 (includes sales tax and shipping to all US states) to:
BBIC Cookbook
Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado
PO Box 38416
Colorado Springs, CO 80937

Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers CO
Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado
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