Rymir Satterthwaite Files Grievance on Judge Who Appears to Have Went Rogue with Law & Push False Statements on Bench

Rymir Satterthwaite Believes We Must Stand Up as People for Allegations Regarding Court Corruption because this Destroy Lives
We the People Stand for Justice, Game is Over”— Rymir SatterthwaitePHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, O…

Revolutionary Pennsylvania Author Kevin Blaize Sheds Light on Housing Crisis and Financial Illiteracy in Black Americans

Kevin Blaize, author and advocate

Kevin Blaize, author and advocate

Kevin Blaize, author

Kevin Blaize, author

Information is power and a lot of us want the information and do not know where to turn to receive it. We are changing this and changing history!”

— Kevin Blaize, author and advocate

LONG POND, PA, UNITED STATES, October 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ —
Buying that first house with the white picket fence is an American dream. Well, sorry to say that for some segments of our demographics, that dream never manifests into a reality. Kevin Blaize, an upcoming star in the literary world, dared to explore this subject of home ownership inequity in his new book titled, “Blacks in America! 18 to 48 years old and still no house?” You can find the answer to this provocative question on the pages of Blaize’s timely book. This insightfully written piece, launched in April of this year, is a must read for Black folks who have desired substantive information on this matter.
Regarding the Black community’s position, Kevin states that, “As of 2018, our average age to buy our first home was 48 years old. Only because nobody is showing us the process. They are not teaching it in schools, and households aren’t able to teach it to the ones coming up. So, the two places we rely on to be taught by are failing us in this important process.”

This notable work by Mr. Blaize peels away the untruths and brings light to pertinent steps in the home-buying process, and in doing so, takes away the blinders from the eyes of potential homebuyers of color. Kevin draws on his own personal experiences, good and bad, and then refines them into a simple formula that is easy to digest.

In the first quarter of 2020, 44 percent of Black families owned their home compared with 73.7 percent of white families, according to the Census Bureau. The gap is wider in some cities, with just 25 percent of Black families owning a home in Minneapolis, compared with 76 percent of whites, which is the widest gap in U.S. cities with over one million residents, a study by Redfin Real Estate brokerage found.

Mr. Blaize, again, poses a question. Why are we lagging behind other races? These dire statistics reflect a resounding need for change in Black thinking and satiability. Owning a home for Black Americans should be the norm, not the insurmountable mountain. Kevin’s mission to the community of color is to “make sure we have the information needed so we no longer feel overwhelmed going into the homebuyer process”

For more information or to purchase a book, please contact Kevin Blaize at: Phone: 917-858-9478.
Email: authorkevinblaize@gmail.com or Instagram @blazingrestoration.

Kevin Blaize
Blacks in America! 18 to 48 years old and still no house?
+1 917-858-9478

Artist Dick Kramer & Gray Water Ops release a 15 coin commemorative series of coins.

Artist Dick Kramer and Gray Water Ops® release a 15 coin series of his top works of art

Pre-Order one of the Dick Kramer 15 coin series featuring his top 15 works of art

Gray Water Ops, LLC Custom coins, lapel pins and patches

Gray Water Ops, LLC Custom coins, lapel pins and patches

Artist Dick Kramer at the board drawing

Artist Dick Kramer at the board drawing

15 coin series from artist Dick Kramer and Gray Water Ops

15 coin series from artist Dick Kramer and Gray Water Ops

Gray Water Ops and Dick Kramer release a 15 coin collection of challenge coins based on his top 15 works of art. Order at https://GrayWaterOps.com/dickkramer

I’m proud to have the opportunity to work with one of my lifetime favorite artists, Dick Kramer. His pencil portraits inspired me to cross train from Air Force Security Police to Graphic Arts.”

— Keith Hanshw

HARRISBURG, PA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Veteran Owned Gray Water Ops®, LLC and artist Dick Kramer Studios are teaming up to release a 15 coin commemorative series featuring artist Dick Kramer’s top 15 pieces of art. Dick Kramer is known worldwide for his photographic looking pencil and colored pencil portraits for the SWAT, Special Operations, Police, Fire and Military organizations.

Challenge Coin artist Keith Hanshaw said, “I’m proud to have the opportunity to work with one of my lifetime favorite artists, Dick Kramer. His pencil portraits inspired me to cross train from Air Force Security Police to Graphic Arts and in 1997, I went to military art school and graduated as an honor grad.”

Gray Water® is the only challenge coins company that Dick Kramer has allowed to reproduce his art.

You can see Dick Kramer’s website, commission a piece of art or order custom prints or originals from https://www.dickkramer.com

Gray Water Ops®Dick Kramer Series – A Collection of 15 challenge coins featuring artist Dick Kramer’s top 15 works of art

Each coin is die struck from solid brass and plated with any of our 15 finishes. You can pre-order any of the coins at https://GrayWaterOps.com/dickkramer Coins will begin shipping around the middle of November.

Order one coin from your favorite design or order the entire collection of 15 coins. Each coin is laser engraved on the thin edge of the coin with a unique number.

Gray Water Ops® has been designing and minting custom challenge coins for military units, police departments, fire departments, businesses and organizations since 2009.

Known worldwide for our custom challenge coin designs, high quality and fair prices, Gray Water Ops® can design and mint your custom challenge coins and we’ll give you free artwork and free shipping on your first order, if you start an order before the end of the month.

Gray Water Ops® artist Keith Hanshaw is an honor grad from the Defense Information School at Fort Meade, MD. He has been designing custom challenge coins since 1995. One of the veteran owners of Gray Water® and the designer for every coin Gray Water Ops® makes, Keith makes each coin design unique from others.

“There’s nothing worse than having a coin minted and making it look like 50 other coins you’ve already seen. I try to make every coin I design, have it’s own unique look and feel. A custom challenge coin should reflect the organization you’re making the coin for. The Dick Kramer series features his 15 most popular pieces of art and we’re recreating it in a series of coins” says Gray Water® co-owner Keith Hanshaw.

About Dick Kramer
I was born in 1938 in the city of Newark, New Jersey. The early years of my life were spent in the small New Jersey town of Nutley. I was never a good student, I spent too much time drawing. It caused a lot of trouble for me and my family during my school years. I was constantly in trouble for not doing my work. I was too busy drawing.

I left High School on my 17th birthday and joined the Navy. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I realized the terrible mistake I had made with my life and finished my education in the Navy.

After four years I was honorably discharged and returned to Nutley where I asked Ginny, the love of my life, to marry me. Thank God, she said yes. We have been married for 52 years and she is still my girlfriend. I am a blessed man.

I began my art education at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art in Newark, New Jersey. I transferred to The School of Visual Arts in New York City and finished my art education there. After working for a chain store doing pen and ink illustrations for their advertising publications, I decided to free-lance. We had $78.00 in the bank, four kids and I quit my full time job. Ginny always believed in me even though it was a terrible time as far as money was concerned. She never complained or told me to get a real job; my father-in-law told me that. Ginny has always been behind me, no matter what was happening.

I then spent 8 years as Art Director for ITT Avionics Division, a defense contractor. I found out that I wasn’t meant to be in the “Corporate World” and went back to free-lancing. We moved to Florida, spent 8 years there and that’s where my entire life changed.

I met John Meyer. At that time he was the head of H&K Training Division. He approached me about doing a few drawings for a poster advertising their training facility in Sterling, Virginia. I said yes and produced seven vignette drawings for the poster. It was a series of SWAT Officers doing what they do so well. I didn’t think much of it. The check cleared and I forgot about H&K. When the poster was distributed world wide, the receptionist at H&K threatened to quit. The telephone lines lit up with SWAT Officers from around the world wanting to know who was doing these drawings and how could they get copies. That was the beginning of our fabulous life. We literally started at our kitchen table. I produced four sketches, the first of hundreds and hundreds to come. The rest is history. Ginny and I have been all over the world, from England to Germany to Abudabi and Dubai and all over our wonderful U.S.A. God has blessed us with a wonderful life filled with good friends in the SWAT Community and Corporate World. Half of our business is from our on-line sales of prints and half is from Corporate Commissions.

I never tire of drawing, especially the SWAT/Military world. Ginny and I admire and pray for all of the fabulous people we meet in our business. They are the brightest, bravest and best that our Nation has to offer. Our hearts break when a Police Officer or young Warrior dies in battle. We are all poorer for the loss of such wonderful young men and women. I feel honored to be so close to them and what they do. Every day they place their lives on the line so that we can enjoy the lives and freedoms we have. God bless each and every one of them and their families.

People ask when I will retire or stop drawing. I reply that I want to die at the drawing board. I love what I do and can’t imagine life without my art. I hope God will grant me many more years of drawing the people that Ginny and I love so much.

To start your own custom coin order, visit https://GrayWaterOps.com and submit a quote request for your coin idea. Our minimum order is 100 coins but you can order any quantity over 100.

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Keith Hanshaw
Gray Water Ops, LLC
+1 717-412-1402
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‘Eggstraordinary’ Story Awaits Youngsters on Your Holiday Shopping List

This is a photo of children's book author CK Gregory.

Children’s Book Author CK Gregory

This is a photo of the cover of Mr. SunnySide: Imagination.

Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination shares the story of a delicate egg who enters Tommy’s life as a play friend and turns Tommy’s mood from blue to “eggcellent!”

Just in time for holiday shopping comes Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination, a charming children’s tale that shows youngsters the limitless power of their imaginations.

The world can seem, at times, scrambled. I hope my egg friends will set good ‘eggsamples’ for the readers and help children stay on the Sunnyside.”

— Author CK Gregory

EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — An active imagination is something worth celebrating, and a new book from CK Gregory, Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination, shows young audiences that there is an “eggciting” alternative to screen time: the power of their own minds.

Written for ages 5 to 10, Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination introduces young readers to Tommy, a boy stuck at home on a rainy day. There is nothing to do; his mother is busy making breakfast; and Tommy has grown bored with his toys. What will he do to entertain himself?

An “eggstraordinary” character named Mr. Sunnyside comes to Tommy’s rescue and saves him from boredom by taking Tommy on one adventure after another. Tommy is the only person who can see Mr. Sunnyside, and he’s the only one who needs to, in this charming story that gives new meaning to the power of an active imagination.

With clever wordplay, colorful illustrations and subtle lessons, Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination shares the story of a delicate egg who enters Tommy’s life as a play friend and turns Tommy’s mood from blue to “eggcellent!”

Author CK Gregory worked in many areas of theater and the media, both in front and behind the scenes. Now, he is embarking on a new career as a children’s author. Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination is his first book in a series of “eggstra” adventures to come!

“The world can seem, at times, scrambled,” Gregory said. “I hope my egg friends will set good ‘eggsamples’ for the readers and help children stay on the Sunnyside.”

Trish Stevens
Ascot Media Group, Inc.
+1 8323342733
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Self-Help Memoir From New Author Provides a Raw and Unfiltered Look at Motherhood and Depression

Uncensored is a captivating story of one woman’s journey of overcoming life’s obstacles and achieving her dreams.

A no-holds-barred exploration of how one can overcome life’s struggles of childhood trauma, mental health, addiction and more to achieve their dreams.

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Uncensored: A guide to putting on your big girl panties is the true-life story of one woman’s journey through childhood trauma, people-pleasing, and mental health struggles. Sharing how she heals it all and how readers can also begin to heal their own pains and find happiness.

Through decades of people-pleasing, suffering through depression, anxiety and panic attacks, Theresa took the first step of asking for help and beginning her healing. After a few years of therapy and inner-work, she started chasing dreams. This book is that dream and it is a platform for helping others, who have struggled to find joy and happiness in their life. She has a mission to help others heal from their past and learn to love themselves.

The book can be purchased on Amazon, Apple iBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

“To find yourself, you have to love yourself. To love yourself you have to know your worth. To know your worth, you have to find validation within. To find validation within, you have to stop listening to outside sources.” – Theresa Tirk

When you put the wants and needs of everyone around you above your own basic needs, you my friend, are a people-pleaser. This became an addiction, a survival mechanism that got me through most of my life. It’s how I survived a house of chaos, dysfunction, and addiction. Even as I headed down the path of sex, drugs, and alcohol myself, I was only concerned with ensuring those around me were happy. I carried this into my marriage and motherhood which led me into a black hole of depression and anxiety.

A decision had to be made. Woman up and take off your people-pleasing panties and learn to actually live in this amazing life you built or continue to ignore yourself, worry about everyone else, and let those suicidal thoughts take control.

Buckle up. This is a ride through a childhood of drugs and alcohol, teen years of desperation seeking love and safety, heading down the same path as my parents as a young adult, longing for a family filled with love and safety, creating a beautiful family and not knowing how to embrace it, learning to set boundaries, dipping my toe into a pool of healing and then diving in head first and emerging a queen with a voice and a mission.

It’s real. It’s raw. It’s vulnerable. It’s truth, sprinkled with humor, it’s sassy, lots of swearing, complete honesty, full of love and healing.

You can read more about the book and Theresa mission in this PDF.

To view a sample interview video, click here.

Theresa Tirk is an Author, Speaker, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki II Energy Worker, and Certified Aromatherapist. She is a recovering people-pleaser who is dedicated to helping women everywhere awaken to their own validation and strength so they can learn to prioritize their own care, to love themselves and their life. She began coaching after her own spiritual journey of self-discovery through a battle with depression and anxiety. She believes in the power of mindset shifts and creating daily rituals that have massive impact on your life.

Theresa Tirk
The Ritual Queen LLC
+1 724-712-9325
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Mark Anthony, AKA The Psychic Lawyer, is featured on the cover of OMTimes Magazine October 2021 Edition

Mark Anthony and nis new book, The Afterlife Frequency

Mark Anthony in his cover story interview in OMTimes bridges the divide between faith and science in a fascinating afterlife exploration.
The Afterlife Frequency presents groundbreaking scientifi…

Pittsburgh Author Chip Bell Collaborates with Florida Songwriter for a Trop Rock Performance at Mastic Trail Brewing

The Jake Sullivan Series by Pittsburgh author Chip Bell takes place in tropical destinations throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America.
Singer Songwriter John McDonald’s new song is based on the plot of Why Don’t We Get Drunk, the next inst…

New Book – Purpose and Possibilities: How to Transform Your Life – Has Impact on Mental Health and Well-Being

Available at Amazon booksellers

For those who need breakthrough motivation and mindfulness methods to heal and thrive in these challenging times.

STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The reviews are in and they all confirm that a new book by positive psychology experts Dr. Henry G. Brzycki and Elaine J. Brzycki is an essential handbook for living a happy, healthy and flourishing life in these complex and uncertain times.

The Brzyckis wrote Purpose and Possibilities: How to Transform Your Life to help people with their mental health and well-being issues and concerns. Based upon a sampling of these reviews it is clear that their vision is being manifest. Here is what readers and reviewers are saying:

“This book gets to the heart of healing. This work is invaluable.”

“Small but mighty . . . motivational and inspiring.”

“A ‘must read” for people of all ages.”

“The Brzyckis’ newest self-help work offers an engaging new exploration of the connection between a person’s sense of purpose and their well-being. Readers open to new principles and some challenging material—as well as truly facing themselves—will find that Purpose and Possibilities encourages the openness and perseverance that it takes to make transformative change” (Publishers Weekly BookLife).

“The subtitle of this book is ‘How to Transform Your Life.’ And who doesn’t want to transform their life, especially after the year that we’ve had? This is the perfect book at the perfect time—if you’re willing to do the work. This is not a book to sit down and leaf through passively . . . This is a book to read if you really want to transform your life” (BookTrib, July 21, 2021).

The Brzyckis “deeply know both the science and humanity necessary to truly make a difference in mental health and well-being . . . They have also contributed their expertise to many programs and institutions in an effort to improve the lives of everyone, from wide-eyed children to world-weary adults. Their latest offering is beautifully timely. As we aim to create a kinder world, mental health is at the heart of the mission and is the backbone supporting every other potential advancement and enhancement. The book is poignant and speaks to our emotions, naturally, but it’s firmly rooted in practicality” (Author Spotlight, August 2, 2021).

Henry and Elaine assert, “We want to produce better people! Inside every person . . . is a better one! What is special about this book is that it teaches people how to take control of their own pathways to mental health and well-being.”

Elaine J. Brzycki, Ed.M., and Henry G. Brzycki, Ph.D., have generated a body of work to impact the human condition and make the world a better place. Exploring their life purpose for 40 years, they have helped people create happy, healthy and flourishing lives. They have authored three bestselling books, numerous articles, and personal and professional development workshops. Utilized in over 50 countries, their work has led to a new worldwide consciousness about the importance of self-understanding and placing mental health and well-being at the center of a good and successful life.

Henry Brzycki
The Brzycki Group & The Center for the Self in Schools
+1 814-753-2505
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