Life Accurately Paints Living in the Modern Age for African Americans

Life: Four Quarters Plus Overtime
Author Floyd L. Griffin

Floyd L. Griffin brilliant study of the lives of African Americans in a country marred with racism
COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, October 15, 2021 / — The African American presen…

A Verbal Quilt Sewn Together by a Few Generations of Poets

“Pen Scratching Poets”

Poet and author Marilyn Wassmann’s book showcases poetry from her family
COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, October 13, 2021 / — Marilyn Wassmann pursued her passions for words and art works by weaving together her co…

A New Thrilling Novella from Author David Estes

The Rescue of Officer Moreland Lee

David Estes tells the story of three individuals mistaken for murderers

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, October 7, 2021 / — What happens when three individuals are accused of committing a murder they didn’t commit? This is the story of “The Rescue of Officer Moreland Lee,” a brand-new novella by author David Estes. The three misfits, as Estes calls them, are identified as suspects in a murder investigation. However, they didn’t do it. Now they have to prove their innocence.

David Estes isn’t a stranger to the criminal justice system himself. Before his retirement, he was a police officer in Seattle and has spent plenty of time talking to individuals not unlike his three protagonists. He knows that sometimes, there are kinks in the system that can pin the blame on a crime on the wrong people, and he knows that stories like these will shine a light on those instances, rare as they may be.

In “The Rescue of Officer Moreland Lee,” the three protagonists are called misfits because they’re what you might call a few of the usual suspects. They tend to get in trouble easily and do so often. This means that they aren’t exactly new to the police system, and it isn’t difficult for the authorities to pinpoint them as potential suspects in a murder investigation. However, they didn’t do it, and since nobody’s going to listen to them, it’s up to them to prove their innocence. The short novel takes off from that premise, as the protagonists use what they know of the system to prove themselves innocent of the murder.

Estes masterfully uses his experience in the system to give “The Rescue of Officer Moreland Lee” a breath of authenticity that you won’t find in many thrillers on bookshelves today. The story features situations you’re likely to find in interrogation rooms and back alleys all over the United States.

Estes pulls deep from his career to shape the story, and it is this crack in the suspension of disbelief often associated with similar stories that makes “The Rescue of Officer Moreland Lee” stand out. Find out what happens by purchasing the book from Amazon or your favorite Barnes & Noble branch.

Visit the author’s website at to know more about him and his book.

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High Stakes Confrontations: Estes Releases New Mystery Thriller Novel

The Rescue of Officer Moreland Lee

Dangerous encounters abound for three unlikely companions

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, October 7, 2021 / — Confrontations are not always comfortable. We often find ourselves preparing for many worst-case scenarios. It can be as harmless as a difficult conversation or as complicated as defending ourselves against an assailant on the street. These scenarios are hardly ever easy, and we wouldn’t wish them on other people. But it does inspire imagination as to what one would do when in that situation. Would fear take over or empathy? For three unlucky individuals, this question becomes less hypothetical and more a matter of life and death in David Estes’ “The Rescue of Officer Moreland Lee.”

David Estes has had his fair share of encounters and confrontations. Estes served in the United States Military’s infantry as a squad leader during a tour of duty in Vietnam. During this time, he has had many experiences both with his squad and the natives. After his service, the La Grange, Georgia native spent some time as a Police Officer for the Seattle Police before eventually retiring. He currently lives in Lewiston, Idaho with his wife Evangeline Schwartz who he met while living in Sturgis, South Dakota.

“The Rescue of Officer Moreland Lee” entangles the lives of three unsuspecting individuals. Forced to work together to solve a mysterious murder case, they soon find out that things are not always what they seem. The clues come together to reveal that they have all been somehow linked to one another in someone’s plot for revenge. One incident leads to another and the three misfits find themselves chasing an elusive criminal. With only a string of murders to go on, the trio race against time to save the next victim. Tracking the murderer eventually brings everyone together for what may be their last confrontation.

What drives a man to murder another? How do these unlucky individuals fit into the bigger picture? Will they make it out alive? Find out when you get your own copy of “The Rescue of Officer Moreland Lee.”

Visit the author’s website at to know more about him and his book.

About Writers’ Branding

Writers’ Branding is a full-service self-publishing company that provides aspiring authors exclusive access to publicity and a pool of book evaluators and marketing creatives and bridges them to literary agencies and traditional publishing houses.

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New York Times Review for Seventh Book in Lightning Brain Series Has Just Been Completed

Lightning Brain Series

Book Review: Keepers of the Contingent World by Cliff Ratza
By Jen Doll for The New York Times
Nothing succeeds like success”— John KaneSOMERDALE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2021 / — P…

Rosemary Attor is now focusing on her employees mental health to grow her business

Rosemary Attor runs a successful practice in Hoboken, New Jersey. She has over 20 employees, and she wants their mental health to be 100%.

If I have happy and well-rested employees, they will perform at a higher level for our clients. It’s a no brainer really. Other countries do this for a reason. ”

— Rosemary Attor

HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY, USA, September 22, 2021 / — Rosemary Attor is changing how things are getting done within her business. Like many thriving start-ups, there is a sense to want to work too long and too hard. But Rosemary noticed that work was slipping. Yes her employees were workaholics, but was it actually translating to high quality work? She was not pleased with her due diligence into the situation, and made some changes that other businesses are starting to utilize across the country.

What has long been discussed and practiced in other countries like Iceland and Sweden, and for generations in Europe with their lunch time nap, America has decided to ignore the conversation. Until now. Rosemary Attor is now amongst hundreds of businesses who are giving their employees unlimited vacation days (within reason of course), flexible work schedules, benefits, half day Fridays. Going from 50-60 hours a week to 35 is a huge difference for for a young paralegal mother. She won’t be stressed, tired and unhappy. She will be rested and happy. And she will perform the best work that way, says Rosemary.

Mental Health in the Legal Industry

One of the most popular careers in America is law. This is not only because it’s financially lucrative but also because it offers a great opportunity to give back to the community and positively impact lives. It’s also popular because it provides a wide range of positions to choose from, such as paralegal, mediator, legal assistant, and of course the most popular- lawyer. However, studies show that lawyers and others in the legal profession are highly affected by mental health issues.

The law industry is a high-pressure environment starting from school into the workplace involving long working hours and deadlines. Lawyers are also exposed to tragic information, violence, and other disturbing material on a day-to-day basis. Reports show that approximately 28% of lawyers struggle with addiction, and 15% reported having suicidal ideations. The Covid 19 pandemic has further added to the existing pressure leading to poor mental health among both the general population and lawyers.

Here are some proven ways to improve your mental health and keep away burnout as a lawyer.

Get adequate sleep and rest regularly.
While the temptation to work round the clock may be present, it’s important to take time off and get an adequate amount of sleep. Sleep is good for your mind and body and gives the body time to repair itself. You can’t get much done when you are exhausted and sleep-deprived. On the contrary, productivity is reduced, and you could end up with serious health issues. There are tons of benefits associated with getting adequate amounts of sleep.

Physical activity and proper nutrition
When it comes to what we eat, the phrase Garbage in Garbage Out applies. Studies have found that more deficient diets result in poor mental health and associated health issues such as obesity, diabetes, sleep apnea, etc. These reduce productivity and add stress to the already stressful work environment where most lawyers operate. Diets rich in whole foods, fruits, and vegetables are good for both mental and physical wellness. Minimize alcohol intake and if you can avoid smoking too. Incorporating exercise can also help boost moods, mental alertness and increase energy levels.

Establish meaningful relationships and a healthy support system
Support is great for your mental health. Having people, you can talk to will go a long way in helping you release frustrations and get a different perspective on things. Relationships can help take your mind off work-related stress. Support can also come from external sources such as professional counselors or therapists, mentors, or someone you look up to.

Evaluate your Whys
Analyzing your reasons for choosing a career as a law professional can help you have a different mindset. For instance, positively changing someone’s life can give meaning to what you do and help you work through the difficult patches.

Maintain a healthy work-life balance
While your job may be necessary, it’s essential to care equally for other parts of your life. Take some time off to do the things you like, such as hobbies. Ride a bike, take up gardening, visit one of the places on your bucket list. This is a great way to beat burnout and have a little fun.

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Anthony Quinn Estate Selects Workhouse as Agency of Record

The Artist Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn Sculpture
Anthony Quinn “Ideal Woman”

The campaign includes media and trade relations for international cultivation on behalf of Anthony Quinn’s iconic catalog of highly valued works of art.
Examining Quinn's…

Ted Landkammer Releases Buffy’s Fun Flight of Fancy

Buffy The Butterfly

A story about a creature who loves adventure
COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, September 15, 2021 / — Flying is the fantasy of many people, for kids and adults alike, which is why animals who are able to do this fascina…