Sail Away with the Original Digital Nomads in Holding Fast, a Memoir Launching on October 19th

New memoir, Holding Fast by Susan Cole, released by White Bird Publications on October 19, 2021

From Madison Avenue to Riding Out Hurricane Mitch in Guatemala: Reluctantly Leaving Everything Behind to Follow Her Husband’s Dream, a Woman Finds Herself

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2021 / — Media Advisory

Susan Cole’s Holding Fast: A Memoir of Sailing, Love, and Loss will be published by White Bird Publications on October 19th, 2021. The Book Launch Party will be hosted by Blue Cypress Books in New Orleans on October 19th, 6:00-7:30 pm. Media invited.

It is Cole’s first book. She is in her 70s, and at work on her next book, proving that it is never too late to follow your dreams.

She met the man, John Russell, who would become her husband when they were in their twenties. He dreamed of sailing away. Cole dreamed of settling down. She had never sailed before.

Their first home was a romantic, leaky 1903 ferryboat. It sank.

When their daughter was seven, they left their quaint Connecticut farmhouse behind and sailed to the Caribbean. Cole’s journey took her from the glitzy world of Madison Avenue advertising to riding out Hurricane Mitch, the largest hurricane on record at the time, on a sailboat in Guatemala. She hadn’t wanted to go in the first place but ended up on a life-changing odyssey.

Years later, Cole’s life forever changed after John passed away, but the courage that she found when she stepped outside her comfort zone and sailed off stayed with her.

Susan Cole has lived on or around sailboats for more than thirty years. In between sails, she earned a B.A. at Barnard College, an M.A. at Columbia University, and for many years, ran a successful market research firm in New York. Her essays have appeared in literary journals and sailing magazines.

Cole was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She has lived in New York, Connecticut, Florida, and Mexico; and now lives in New Orleans with her cat.


“A wife follows her husband to sea and finds herself along the way in this memoir… A perfect, realistic counterpart to Amity Gaige’s Sea Wife (2020), Cole’s moving memoir is emotionally astute… Vivid characterizations… The author’s voice is so assured…” —Kirkus Reviews

“Most cruising yarns are written by men, for men… ‘Holding Fast.’ is a lyrical tale of a young woman (and mother) learning the ropes—of her floating home, her marriage, and life itself.”—Cap’n Fatty Goodlander of Cruising World magazine

“Thoroughly absorbing… Vivid story of survival and adaptation that operates on many different levels, promising to attract not just readers of true-life adventure, but those who want stories of endurance and moving forward…Enlightening, moving.”—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Susan Cole
White Bird Publications
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New Thriller On Par With ‘The Manchurian Candidate,’ Stephen King’s ‘Dead Zone’

Winner: Political Thriller Award

Book Life Calls It “Memorable”

The Latina President

Joe Rothstein debut novel The Latina President

Pacific Book Thriller Award Goes to ‘The Salvation Project’

Rothstein takes high stakes political espionage to a very contemporary, credibly scary, and absolutely addictive level with this opus.”

— Pacific Reviews

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, July 18, 2021 / — “The Salvation Project,” a gripping novel of international intrigue that Pacific Reviews compares with two similar classics, “The Manchurian Candidate” and Stephen King’s “Dead Zone,” has won the prestigious Pacific Book Finalist Award presented for outstanding political thrillers.

“The Salvation Project,” tells the tale of a charismatic woman who runs for re-election as president of the United States, unaware that a ruthless international conspiracy, with a killer agenda, is plotting to do everything, including murder, to defeat her.

Pacific Reviews, in its critique says, “Rothstein takes high stakes political espionage to a very contemporary, credibly scary, and absolutely addictive level with this opus.” That praise is echoed by Publisher Weekly’s BookLife. “His ideas and his machinations– including the intricacies of the Project–are unusual and memorable.”

This is the second novel by veteran political strategist Joe Rothstein, who writes based on his experiences working professionally in hundreds of political campaigns. Rothstein’s debut novel, ‘The Latina President and the Conspiracy to Destroy Her,’ won honors at book festivals in Southern California, New England and London.

In both novels, Rothstein’s protagonist is Isabel Aragon Tennyson, (the world knows her as “Tenny”) a Mexican-American heiress who wins the presidency determined to challenge entrenched and powerful interests. Those battles and the lengths the opposition goes to try to stop her, elevate “Tenny” as one of the most memorable figures in American political fiction.

Rothstein says that while his works are fiction, much of the material he draws on is based on events he lived through during three decades at the turbulent center of the American political system.

“For those involved in them, political campaigns are dramatic personal events,” says Rothstein. “Careers are made or lost. Marriages are created and destroyed. Friendships are formed that may last a lifetime. On one day, election day, you win or are defeated, and losing can happen even if your share of the vote is 49.9%. The extraordinary pressure on otherwise ordinary people is incredible. All of this is in real time, but my involvement in so many campaigns allows me to translate events into what I hope is absorbing fiction.”

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People and Places in the History of Coca-Cola

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2021 / — Coca-Cola history will be on sale when Coca-Cola collectors from throughout the United States gather in Baton Rouge for their annual convention July 13-17.

Coca-Cola is the most collected brand name in the world and hundreds of collectors will be selling, as well as seeking, a wide variety of items which
feature the familiar Coca-Cola spencerian script logo. Included will be large pieces of memorabilia such as old signs and vending machines, to smaller
items such as rare Coca-Cola bottles, collectible serving trays, old advertising, promotional products and hundreds of other items which have been
created for more than a century by the Coca-Cola company.

However you won’t have to be a collector to obtain your own piece of Coca-Cola history for display or to place in a game room or man cave. The public
is invited to attend the show and sale to be held July 17 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Baton Rouge.

Of special interest will be a recently released book which reveals some fascinating history of Coca-Cola people and places. Written and published by
Louisiana author Larry Jorgensen, “The Coca-Cola Trail” includes historic photos and provides information about interesting Coca-Cola places to visit.
The author will be at the show to answer questions and sign copies of his book.

There is no admission fee for the event which will be open from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.

For additional information about the book:

Larry Jorgensen
G L Management
+1 337-591-1937