Riti Grover Shares How Using Gale Engage Can Increase The Efficiency Of Your Public Library

Riti Grover Farmington Hills

Library Director Riti Grover

Library Director Riti Grover shares how using Gale Engage can help your public library adapt to changes in technology and run efficiently.

FARMINGTON HILLS, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Libraries are a great place for seeking knowledge, learning, doing research, and improving academically, socially, and so on. Public Libraries have to constantly evolve, according to Riti Grover, especially with our constantly evolving communities with varying desires and needs. Luckily, data gathering and analyzing tools are available for library directors and management to implement for effective engagement with library patrons.

One of such tools is Gale Engage, a powerful data processing tool explicitly created to help increase efficiency in any public library. Gale engage is designed for effective library management, marketing, and data analysis. It offers visualization features that make it easy for library staff to figure out what their users need, changing trends in library usage at the local level, and the best way to provide services to their patrons. The tool can help inspire library staff to be more creative and increase their customer engagement and service. With this, library teams can now focus their attention on the community and their essential needs.

Many library communities and institutions use Gale Engage to increase engagement and efficiency, and a great example is Riti Grover, former director at Farmington (Mich.) Community Library. Riti is famous for her innovative, inspiring, and creative approach to improving library engagement and offering library users the best experience. Since implementing Gale Engage in the libraries under her management, they have gained a tool to analyze the collection usage and program attendance data. This tool can now help them get books, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, DVDs, databases, and programs according to their patron’s needs. They could also market their services to potential users. It’s not easy to fully comprehend how Gale Engage works, but Riti Grover was aware of the work ahead of her right from the beginning. With her determination and consistency, she ensured that her staff had a complete understanding of the tools and could feed the available data into it to produce a result they could effectively use.

Riti Grover and the Farmington (Mich.) Community Library has trained a team to upload, assess, analyze, and interpret the data with Gale Engage. With every day of use, their efficiency and capability are growing. Thanks to this life-changing technology, the library community can now better respond to the requests and needs of patrons.

There are several reasons why Gale Engage is a must for any library community that wants to meet the demands of modern-day library users. The tool is ever ready to accept and analyze data, as long as the library management is prepared to upload it. Collection usage of digital content like eBooks, streaming services, and databases is provided to help library management understand how users engage with their platforms. The usage patterns can then be studied and analyzed to understand users’ needs and predict their subsequent expectations.

Gale Engage tools provide a fully immersive experience that helps libraries ultimately view their community demographics to create the perfect marketing outreach. It has a customizable dashboard with visualization capabilities that allow library staff to understand everything going on at a glance. The dashboard makes it super easy to analyze reports properly to make informed decisions that further increase engagement. Based on activities, the platform automatically groups patrons to allow for effective program outreach.

Email is a powerful tool for target-marketing new products and services, informing, educating, and inspiring library cardholders. The email features on Gale Engage are game-changing, helping to improve digital marketing for libraries. It also has social media management tools to engage library users and help other people discover innovative resources for other prospective library patrons by taking advantage of the power of social media. All information on Gale Engage is private and secured, with a guarantee of protecting the user’s data and identification.

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Center for Responsive Schools Offers Anti-Bullying Resources During National Bullying Prevention Month

Webinars, books and more are available to support educators
Educating all children is the most important work in the world, and schools should be safe, inclusive spaces free from bullying. At CRS, we actively work to put those beliefs into practice….

Christoff J. Weihman’s Ultimate Speaker Competition Comes to Colorado Springs

Join us at #AntlersHotel #ColoradoSprings October 26-27 for two days of public speaking skills training and competition as 21 speakers vie for the Ultimate Speaker Prize: Inspirer, Storyteller, Expert
Gordon Brodecki founder of Garage Fitness Competes …

Recovery Coach Dr. Bob Weathers to be Featured on Close Up Radio

NEWPORT COAST, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The stereotypical image of people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs as down and out does not always apply. Sometimes the problems are beneath the surface and behind closed doors.

Dr. Bob Weathers is a recovery coach who understands addiction from the inside.

Prior to becoming a recovery coach, Dr. Weathers was a highly regarded professor of psychology. Unfortunately, he would eventually descend into increasing, mid-life addiction to alcohol and other drugs over a period of 15 years, finally losing his tenured academic position.

“It was devastating because I felt so called to be a teacher,” says Dr. Weathers. “In hindsight, I can see it was the result of a combination of failed relationships, unworked-through trauma from early development, and even my daughter’s growing up and leaving home. The irony is that I was the Golden Boy. I’d never even smoked a cigarette until I was 40.”

One would think having lost everything of value would get his attention, but Dr. Weathers’ addiction only got worse. When he finally awoke from this bad dream, he realized he needed to change radically, and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Dr Weathers gradually got his life back.

“People have different destinies,” says Dr. Weathers. “It seems I just had to endure some extremely painful learning lessons to be able to get to where I am today.”

Upon his recovery, Dr. Weathers wondered if there might be a way he could apply his clinical background in psychology to help others recover from addictions of any kind and at any time of life, young or old.

Today, Dr. Weathers is a recovery coach and addiction educator who works with professionals of all stripes. Many of these clients are successful lawyers, doctors, and business executives: people who no one would never expect to be struggling with addiction.

“For the clients that I work with, their addictive behavior has been going on completely in the shadows. They’re ashamed of it, secretive about it, and they don’t get help because of that.” says Dr. Weathers. “Shame is public enemy number one in terms of mental health. If a person doesn’t conquer shame, they won’t make forward progress in their recovery. I work with clients to navigate the shame of their addiction with self-compassion.”

Close Up Radio will feature Dr. Bob Weathers in an interview with Jim Masters on October 25th and November 1st at 12pm EDT

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

For more information, visit www.drbobweathers.com

His newly released book, Reflections for Three: A Father, His Daughter, and You (co-authored with his daughter, Amanda) is now available in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon

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Bed & Breakfast association launches “Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights” Blog with recipes, packages and activities

Packages and Specials are included on the updated Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights Blog

Packages and Specials are included on the updated Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights Blog

Taste tested recipes and cookbook ordering information are also included on the Blog posts

Taste tested recipes and cookbook ordering information are also included on the Blog posts

Blog posts can also feature options for sightseeing excursions

Blog posts can also feature options for sightseeing excursions

The “Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights” Blog includes packages offered by member inns, activities and events on things to do and see in Colorado.

Reviewing website page blogs like “Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights” is that a blog can offer more current, detailed and unique information that may not be found elsewhere on standard websites.”

— Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado (BBIC), the statewide bed and breakfast association, recently updated its website and has expanded the travel blog associated with the organization, “Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights”. The travel blog includes up-to-date packages and specials offered by member inns, activities and events on things to do and see in Colorado while staying at a local bed and breakfast inn.

Recent Inns of Colorado blog posts include bed and breakfast getaway packages and discounts, B&B cookbook order information, and Colorado wine country tours, among others. in addition to the comprehensive www.InnsofColorado.org website, the “Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights” Blog provides current tidbits of travel information that can be helpful in planning a B&B stay.

In the article “How to Use Travel Blogs to Plan Your Trip – Supplement your trip planning by reading travel blogs that can offer unbiased opinions, photo galleries, and detailed information” on Frommers.com, writer Chris Gray Faust discusses the benefits of using blogs in vacation planning. Faust writes, “If you’re looking to add some diversity to your travel surfing, here are some ways that blogs can help with trip planning: Read more details and see more photos. With no space limits, blogs have room to provide practical tips and photos that might not fit in a typical newspaper or magazine travel story.”

BBIC encourages guests to use blog posts and enewsletter subscriptions, in addition to standard website information, when compiling, researching and planning trip itineraries. The benefit of reviewing website page blogs like the BBIC association’s “Colorado B&B Travel Inn-Sights” is that a blog can offer more current, detailed and unique information that may not be found elsewhere on standard websites.

*About BBIC: Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado association’s website lists B&B members throughout the state of Colorado, blog, activities and attractions, Inns For Sale and ENewsletter/free statewide bed and breakfast brochure sign up form at www.InnsofColorado.org

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Travel Expert Rick Steves Enjoys His Home State’s Arts & Culture in New Video Episode filmed in Whatcom County, WA

Rick Steves Plays Historic Pipe Organ at 1927 Theatre in Bellingham, WA, giving the experience two thumbs up!

Rick Steves Plays Historic Pipe Organ at 1927 Theatre in Bellingham, WA

Rick Steves visits Downtown Bellingham, WA

Rick Steves visits Downtown Bellingham, WA

Rick Steves Enjoys Sea to Cedar Exhibit at Whatcom Museum in Bellingham, WA

Rick Steves Enjoys Exhibit at Whatcom Museum in Bellingham, WA

Steves Explores Arts Districts, Exhibits, and a work by Washington State Poet Laureate Rena Priest while in the Uppermost West Corner of the Continental US

So thrilled Rick Steves explored here while not in Europe! He is such a gracious guest and is welcome back up here anytime. What an honor to share this peek into our culturally rich area.”

— Amy Guerra, Visit Bellingham | Whatcom County

BELLINGHAM, WA, US, October 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Visit Bellingham | Whatcom County announces the release of the third of three video segments hosted by Rick Steves which feature his explorations of Whatcom County, Washington. Episode three, “Arts & Culture,” shows Steves exploring the Fairhaven and Downtown Arts Districts of Bellingham, touring exhibits, and even soaking up some historic maritime culture in the uppermost Pacific Northwest. Produced and distributed by Seattle Times Content Studio, the third of the three episodes is now live on Seattle Times’ Website (https://www.seattletimes.com/sponsored/rick-steves-discovers-arts-and-culture-in-whatcom-county-washington/) and also at https://www.Bellingham.org/ricksteves.

This segment also features a work by Lummi Nation member and Washington State Poet Laureate Rena Priest. Priest is Washington’s first indigenous state poet laureate, and she reads an original piece in the episode set to the sweeping backdrop of the ancestral homelands of the Coast Salish People who have lived in the Salish Sea basin since time immemorial. Priest visited Steves in his Edmonds, Washington studio to record her poem.

As an example of what is in all three segments, Steves visits a working oyster farm (Drayton Harbor Oyster Farm), learns about turning Washington apples into alcohol (Bellewood Farms), and actually plays an original 1927 movie palace Wurlitzer pipe organ (Mount Baker Theatre). Steves’ fans can find all three videos at Bellingham.org/RickSteves.

Whatcom County is in the top northwest corner of the state of Washington, bordering both Canada and the Salish Sea. Some experiences and places featured in these videos include the bayside Bellwether Hotel, Blaine by the Sea, Aslan Brewing, Sustainable Connections’ Eat Local Initiatives, Peace Arch State Park, Downtown Bellingham Arts District, Fairhaven District, Lynden farmlands, the Schooner Zodiac, Whatcom Museum, Spark Museum of Electricity, and the gorgeous coast regions of Whatcom County.

The videos were filmed, directed, and produced by All is Well Studios out of Seattle, WA, under the creative direction of Seattle Times Content Studio, Rick Steves, and Visit Bellingham | Whatcom County.

Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism is an independent, 501 (c)(6) nonprofit economic development organization whose purpose is to improve the economy by marketing Bellingham Whatcom County as a premier, year-round visitor, sports, outdoor recreation, arts and cultural, and meetings destination, which supports all travel, tourism, and hospitality businesses and nonprofits in Whatcom County.

Amy Guerra
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